Friday, February 22, 2013

The Warsters Revert To Type - 2

Regular readers know I like to look back to posts of years ago.

It is positive in the sense that we can see how things of a certain nature resist change.

The urge for war and the resistance to war are two things that hang around.

Perhaps James Madison was correct when he labeled war as a social disease that leads to a whole host of other social diseases (The Greatest Source Of Power Toxins?).

Here is the text of the post from today's date in 2009:

Have you heard that it was WWII that ended the "great" depression?

Have you heard that climate change will lead to world war? Or that invading a sovereign nation to bring them "democracy" is a good thang?

Or even that nukes really are not off the table because their use can save lives?

That crazy talk is everywhere just like "the housing market will continue to grow and values will continue to increase" was sorta recently.

You can always tell people who are spouting such nonsense, but you can't tell them much. They know it all.

And once their fallacies are so exposed and so naked (like now) they will act as if they never said what they said for all those years and years.

Bottom line, these warsters are wrong to begin now to generate the propaganda that the only way out is world war.

Like I said before, the real solution is for us to invade ourselves.

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