Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Baghdad Bobs of The United States

The competition for the "Baghdad Bob Moment Of The Year Awards" gets more difficult as time goes on.

We are talking the big league Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf (Baghdad Bob) moments here folks.

Who would have thought that Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, or Anthony Weiner would lose out in the preliminaries, like The Los Angeles Lakers and Tiger Woods did this year?

This is not a contest fit for your everyday buffoon, no, this requires a world class dose of buffoonery on steroids to make it to the finals in the Dredd Blog Baghdad Bob Moment of The Year Awards.

To illustrate the point, check out the graphic of Baghdad Bob at the Alamo to the right.

Then check out many more such moments at this Link, remembering that the denialists from all around the globe are in shock and awe at the spectacle of Baghdad Bob's performances, knowing that when the chips are down in the dumps, the Baghdad Bob competition finalists will lift your hopes all the way into the dizzying heights of the denial stratosphere.

Regular Dredd Blog readers will probably compare him to The Black Knight we refer to on the Dredd Blog About Page, which led to the Dredd Blog motto "Never Give Up ... In Moderation".

Enough about the legends of the game, let's get to the real nitty gritty, let's move on to those folks in today's world who are reaching for the top, climbing into the sky, and pushing the envelope all the way to the stars of deep, spacey denial.

First up is Ben Bernanke:
Indeed, the Fed chairman's much anticipated remarks on Tuesday take one back to the contemptuous indifference of a Herbert Hoover to the public's suffering: Bernanke dismissed the wobbly economy with its anemic 1.8 percent first-quarter growth as merely "somewhat slower than expected." The rise in unemployment to 9.1 percent was "some loss of momentum."

The problem with Bernanke is that he is utterly clueless as to the stark pain and fear endured by the 50 million Americans who have experienced, or face the prospect of, losing their homes. His remarks reflected the insularity of a ruling-power elite that is magnificently impervious to the damage that Bernanke's policies in the current and past administration helped inflict on what used to be called the American way of life. This is a man who assured us there was no housing crisis, while his policies at the Fed encouraged the mortgage securitization swindles that caused the meltdown of the economy.
(Robert Scheer). Like John "What Economic Problems?" McCain, Bernanke is in deep denial and is a contender for first place.

We are working on a composite mosaic that shows Ben Bernanke on the decks of the Titanic saying: "Yes, the president has said the economy was hit by a truck, but this ship is bigger than any truck. These icebergs will not prevail, we still have some brave people on board, and I have ordered full steam ahead for the fed".

Next in contention is the venerable Senator "Climate Change Is A Hoax" James M. ("Mountain") Inhofe.

Inhofe believes that all climate is local, so when he heard of the Joplin, Missouri and Alabama disasters, he exclaimed "A link between climate change and weather disasters? Never!"

The first video below is a synopsis of the Inhofe situation, so that is why the video is linked (the rest of them are attached to this video (by who knows) to slander the climate change scientists and activists). Focus on the first one.

Even though scientists have been warning of these upset conditions in scientific papers since at least 1959, as the games proceed, Inhofe is sure to give any other denier still standing a run for his money.

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