Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Lifting The Government Surplus Ceiling - 2

The painting by Turner is called "The Burning of the Houses of Lords and Commons" (1835).

When the economy tanks, but the government nevertheless increases the war sickness, and then oppresses the populace, there was a time in England when fires would tend to break out.

In the first post of this series we pointed out that this nation should raise the government budget surplus ceiling, also pointing out:
It was the Bush II regime that lowered the government budget surplus ceiling that the Bill Clinton Administration had raised.

In fact, Bush II lowered it so low they had to dig a deeper hole for the new basement to hold all the war debt.
(Lifting The Government Surplus Ceiling). The government studies hard to talk a good line, but the result of spending the people's money on war in order to satiate the filthy war barons' lust for filthy lucre can't be hidden with those words.

In the USA we hear all the time that we have the best economy, living, and working conditions since we are the richest nation in the history of the Earth.

The graphic to the right shows where we rank in health matters, compared to other industrial nations.

I will mention two Dredd Blog posts US vs. World (Healthcare), and Terrorism We Can Believe In? which go into more detail concerning those health system statistics depicted in the graphic.

The facts are that this government propaganda story about the economy is true only if we do not compare ourselves with any other countries:
Human Poverty Index

The Human Poverty Index is an indication of the standard of living in a country, developed by the United Nations (UN) ... The ranking is as follows (with the country with the lowest amount of poverty at the top):
1 Sweden
2 Norway
3 Netherlands
4 Finland
5 Denmark
6 Germany
7 Switzerland
8 Canada
9 Luxembourg
10 Austria
11 France
12 Japan
13 Australia
14 Belgium
15 Spain
16 United Kingdom
17 United States
18 Ireland
19 Italy
(Human Poverty Index, Wikipedia). There is one area where the USA by far exceeds all other nations, in fact, the argument has been made that the USA outperforms all other nations put together in this one field: military expenditures.

This planetary problem, which the USA is leading, controlling, and has no peers in, influences the warlords of the nations to not seem to care that war impoverishes any nation that embraces it, because war is a disease.

The way to stop the plunder of the American people is to stop the wars so that the treasury stops being plundered by the elite folk who are too big to jail in our current banana republic conditions.

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