Saturday, March 5, 2011

Open Thread




Federal Court Crisis
Wisconsin approves ex post facto criminal law against Democrats there ...
MOMCOM minions rush headlong into the abyss
Wiggy Leaks did it says MI6 operative ...
Beck says Hillary is crazy for saying Al Jazera is good source
for news (better than MOMCOM) ...
The evolution of voting machines ...
Indiana Secretary of State Indicted for Election Fraud ...
review a Dredd Blog post of the past on the issue.
The evolution of scientific doctrine may soon include alien microbe studies ...


  1. The judicial logjam offers huge opportunity for the NeoNazi Party. Felony arrest now amounts to indefinite detention thanks to overfilled dockets (essentially presumption of guilt), with political considerations driving the process. Good work NeoNazis, you win again!

  2. Some would be shocked to know of the expanse of "electioneering" behind bit streams and some would not be so shocked.

  3. Hard to believe now we had a "Democratic Revolution" just two years ago, ain't it? McCain/Palin would have been the better choice, as they no doubt would have accelerated the meltdown and cast ill repute on the conservative agenda. NoBama's election was good for one thing however, it confirmed that the dems are an even bigger problem than the GOP, as they're the cowardly clever bunch that tries to hide the fact that they're on the take too, while being every bit as corrupt as their shamelessly straightforward NeoNazi counterparts. It won't be long before we're asking for foreign support to please invade us to liberate us from our fascist dictator masters. Pray that they do, but I wouldn't bet on it. As the popular 60s riot call went, "Burn baby, burn!"

  4. Hillary was begging the Committee not to cut her "human rights" budget, that includes development in target countries, and propaganda. She refers to the latter as "information," and claims we are losing the "information wars" to Al Jazeera, Russian and Chinese multilanguage international news, due to they are presenting "real," news. Western media, as usual, has deformed the actual news of her testimony, into a contest between Al Jazeera vs American media. They totally ignored her comments about Russian and Chinese reporting, and also ignored the fact that she said as plainly as the nose on you face that we were in "competition with Iran and China" and her "human rights" budget should not just be seen as a Christian, or moral thing, but be seen the way the Defense Dept sees it, as a strategy required for our secutity.

    For example, the US spends $1million yearly to support "dialogue between the Da Lie Lama" and China. Now, I ask, just how effective has that program been.

    PS re:information wars, my commenting privileges have been restored on Huff Post, and I went right back and posted the backgroung of the Exuctive Director of Students for a Free Tibet was NED and the funding of SFT. I must say, that SFT and Hillary's version of a Free Press, where they get to spread lies under the guise of "information," and block alternative "views" is not the version I suscribe to, and apparently, after review, the Huff Post realized the same thing.

  5. Starve the widows, make more bombs ... GOP mantra ...

  6. The alien microbe article at Journal of Cosmology is quite interesting:

    "The high water content, D/H ratios, and the evidence of extensive aqueous alteration of the CI1 carbonaceous meteorites indicate their parent bodies were either water-bearing asteroids or comets. (Journal of Cosmology).

    In our rebel science series we contemplate the possibility that those currently destroying this planet long ago destroyed a planet that existed between Mars and Jupiter.