Sunday, March 6, 2011

Open Thread


A couple of thousand years before Columbus, people were living in Florida ...
elderly lady discovers human bones ...
Why would the GOP choose these guys when they have Obama?
Our pal Mikey likes it in Wisconsin ...
Everything you need to know about MOMCOM torture ...


  1. "A couple of thousand years before Columbus, people were living in Florida ..."

    You mean it isn't true that only woolly mammoths lived here before Columbus discovered America?

  2. "Everything you need to know about MOMCOM torture ..."

    The torture episode is in big time denial by the government. They can't handle the truth.

  3. MOMCOM would never torture! Here's an example of how they always put their prisoners' welfare first:

    In brig, WikiLeaks suspect Bradley Manning ordered to sleep without clothing

    Military jailers are forcing Bradley Manning, the 23-year-old soldier accused of passing classified documents to, to strip naked in his cell at night and sleep without clothing, a requirement his attorney says was imposed after Manning made a "sarcastic quip" about his confinement.

    For most of the past eight months, Manning has been required to sleep wearing only boxer shorts, because of his status as a detainee under "prevention of injury watch," said 1st Lt. Brian Villiard, a spokesman for the military detention facility, or "brig," in Quantico. Beginning Wednesday night, the facility commander ordered that Manning turn over his boxers, too.

    "The intention is not to cause any sort of humiliation or embarrassment," Villiard said. "The intention is to ensure the safety and security of the detainee and make sure he is able to stand trial."

    Villiard said he could not explain how Manning might harm himself if he were allowed to keep his underwear, citing rules to protect detainees' privacy. All he could say was that "circumstances warranted" the measure, which was ordered by the brig commander, Chief Warrant Officer 2 Denise Barnes. The requirement will remain in effect until a review next week, he said.

    See there? MOMCOM's just a little misunderstood. They just need to improve their messaging like auntie HillBillary said the other day.

  4. yeah right disaffected,

    Chief Warrant Officer "Denise Barnes" wants him naked so he looks like one of the pigs in the barnyard .... SSSSSQQQQQUUUUUEEEEEELLLLLL ... if you know whatimean verne ... verne ... are you there verne ... verne ...

  5. A little lesson for the democracy challenged in U.S. "Government" land: French President On Trial ...

    Our "presidents" here in our exceptionalist, too big to fail, too big to jail demockcrazy are above all that law stuff.

    Worship us dirt bags.