Monday, February 28, 2011

Entitlement: Entitled To Endless War? -2

I was surprised to find the acronym "MOMCOM" contained within a Dredd Blog post a year ago.

I thought that was created a month or so ago.

Time is moving very fast my friends.

Yes, a year ago today Dredd Blog was talking about MOMCOM in a way that is as much or even more true today than it was back then.

Much of the reason for our usage of "MOMCOM" and its continuation is because the bloggers here get it and support the notion advanced by that acronym.

Credit where credit is due (thanks for the help and support bloggers)!

Anyway, here is the post made on this date one year ago today:
It is easy to tell when neoCons are going after more money from the Treasury.

It is also easy to tell which programs they think that budget money should come from and be transferred to them.

One word says it all: Entitlements.

When I hear a neoCon use that word I immediately realize that MOMCOM feels entitled to endless spending on the implements of war, together with endless incursions into the pockets of the middle class and poor to fund their largess.

We discussed how they morphed the words "liberal" and "conservative" to destroy the meaning of those words in order to deceive the public.

It is clear that they have used the same technique to destroy the meaning of the word "entitlements".

That word now means social security and other socially beneficial portions of the federal budget, but excludes their own biggest portion, which is the weapons of war budget.

MOMCOM feels entitled to more guns, more WMD, more nukes, more ships, more planes, more drones, more soldiers, and more military bases around the world.

In her demented mindset, she is a warrior who brings us freedom, so she is special and above the rest of us who feel entitled to Social Security, Medicaid, or Medicare.
Stay thirsty my friends.


  1. A post by Kuttner knows which way the wind blows:

    "It's not that my own views and values have become more radical in two decades. What has changed is that the American political center has shifted further to the right, while the twin assault on the good society by the private financial system and the organized right has become more intense." (Robert Kuttner)

    Kathy mentioned, yesterday I think, that blogs go with this political flow often times, noting that Huffington Post censors more of her comments, as well as the comments of others, than before.

    That is evolution from left to right as well as the evolution of song truth.

  2. Some of the Egyptian protesters quoted the name "Gene Sharp" as an inspiration for their revolution.

    It turns out that his Gene DNA is Sharp as a tact, and he is a disciple of Gandhi living and teaching in the USA.

    The anti-MOMCOM if you will.

  3. Madoff says MOMCOM is a ponzi scheme: Star Tribune

  4. If only the government would do as the Wisconsin union has done but were railroaded and falsely convicted by the neoCon fascist right wing:

    "Out of every dollar that funds Wisconsin' s pension and health insurance plans for state workers, 100 cents comes from the state workers."

    (Washington's Blog).

  5. In addition to the NFL, it looks like the NBA is preparing for a labor lockout too. I don't normally pay attention to basketball , so this little nugget flew way below my radar. Now if we could just get the baseball players to follow suit, maybe we could get back to what's real in this country for awhile and quit wasting mega-millions on frivolous pursuits.

    The Charlie Sheen interview on Today this morning is absolutely hilarious. He's definitely "off the hook" as they say. Can't tell if it's all an act or if he's actually that far out there.

  6. disaffected,

    I didn't watch the Sheen thingy, but it sounds like it was fun.

    Lotsa "way out there" goin round eh?

    Been listening to Obama talk to the governors ... he dared to mention cutting "defense" (actually offense) spending.

    We shall see what he says when MOMCOM brings him back from the woodshed.

  7. We know where the Saudis (the 9/11 pilots) get their entitlement kicks ... The Kings Can Do No Wrong ... and we know MOMCOM taught them all they "know".

  8. The battle for "entitlements" involves war against unions, and war involves MOMCOM.

    We have talked about the propaganda persona software the Air Force purchases to manage armies of sock puppets on the Internet blogs.

    But "it" goes further than that of course.

    Keith Olbermann has a piece that shows how even the most sophisticated of journalists, or even teams thereof, can be propagandized by MOMCOM minions.

    They know the weak spot in any nation, entity, or family is the exceptionalist.

    Yes, in a nutshell, that is where the weakness most often is.

  9. The top 10 holders of U.S. debt:

    1. Mainland China
    (Amount of U.S. debt: $891.6 billion, 20.4%)

    2. Japan
    (Amount of U.S. debt: $883.6 billion, 20.2%)

    3. United Kingdom
    (Amount of U.S. debt: $541.3 billion, 12.4%)

    4. Oil Exporters
    (Amount of U.S. debt: $218 billion, 5%)

    5. Brazil
    (Amount of U.S. debt: $180.8 billion, 4.1%)

    6. Caribbean Banking Centers
    (Amount of U.S. debt: $155.6 billion,3.6%)

    7. Hong Kong
    (Amount of U.S. debt: $138.2 billion, 3.2%)

    8. Canada
    (Amount of U.S. debt: $134.6 billion, 3.1%)

    9. Taiwan
    (Amount of U.S. debt: $131.9 billion, 3.0%)

    10. Russia
    (Amount of U.S. debt: $106.2 billion, 2.4%)