Thursday, March 3, 2011

War - Great Stimulant - Let's Invade US - 2

Secretary Gates recently talked at West Point.

During his talk there he declared how any future "Defense Secretary" should have his head examined for placing US ground troops into countries in the east, mentioning also that it was General Douglas McArthur who first said that.

Douglas said it about six decades ago (just before we did exactly that in Vietnam).

Here we are a few days after Gates' speech putting troops on the ground in and around Libya, which is in the east isn't it?

Anyway, two years ago we asked: "When are we going to invade ourselves so that our money is spent here?" (instead of there):

The Iraq war "stimulates the economy". But most of it is not used to stimulate the US economy.

Unfortunately it stimulates the economies of foreign nations. For example, Iraq has billions and billions in budget surplus in their economy.

There was a case where the bushies took a military cargo plane with 13 tons (5 or so billion) of new $100 dollar bills to Iraq to "make payroll".

Yeah right:
In total, more than 281 million individual bills — including more than 107 million $100 bills — weighing 363 tons were shipped to Iraq.
(Official Congressional Report [now missing, italics added, Ron Paul Report]). It disappeared like 3 or so trillion dollars of the pentagon budget in 2001. No one knows where it is (wink, wink).

The costs of the Iraq war are projected and tabulated as follows:
* $341,400,000.00 per day.
* $14,225,000.00 per hour
(Cost of War, [cf. this and Wayback Machine]). That doesn't include war in Afghanistan. But hey, what's a few dozen military cargo planes full of your cash or your money going to matter?

Your money is being pumped into foreign lands, like the money we spend on oil. How many economically destroyed Americans here at home would that help?

If we just invade ourselves and spend the hundreds of tons of cash and other money here, that would stimulate our economy.

How far we have fallen under the bushie regime these past 8 years, and how far we have to climb to get out of the republican hell-hole.

We recently discussed the fact that wars actually do cause US job loss, as well as causing a transfer of wealth away from the middle class and poor.

On this date a year ago we discussed MOMCOM science, a subset of modern warmongering.


  1. The only thing that surprises me about the military over the last ten years or so, especially under the Bush bunch who had public approval post 9-11 to do almost anything, is why they didn't take the opportunity to greatly expand troop levels.

    The military is the conservative approved social welfare program of all social welfare programs, and they could have nipped unemployment in the bud for decades by doubling troop levels, as well as enabling the potential for untold amounts of MOMCOM mischief.

    They could then have used the numerous wars and "threats to homeland security," as well as the economic crash as pretexts for simultaneously slashing military pay and enforcing "stop loss" (forced conscription) requirements. The boys at MOMCOM were asleep at the switch on this one.

  2. disaffected,

    Yeah, the military is being "privatized", meaning we spend a million dollars a year for each mercenary soldier, while paying the men in uniform a paltry sum by comparison.

    Privatization is just another way to rob the poor and middle class and give the booty to the rich.

  3. As promised:

    Gov. Scott Walker Issues Layoff Notices in Wisconsin

    Layoff notices to at least 1,500 Wisconsin state workers will start going out as early as Friday if the state legislature doesn't pass Gov. Scott Walker's controversial "budget-repair bill," which calls for the stripping away of state employees' collective bargaining rights, Walker said.


    As Walker threatened layoffs, his colleagues in the state Senate filed a contempt order against 14 Democrats who fled the state and made it impossible for a new budget to pass. Republicans hold a 19-14 majority in the body, but must have 20 members present to vote on Walker's proposal.

    Republican Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald said the contempt order will compel that the 14 Democrats be "taken into custody" once they are in Wisconsin. It gives every police officer in the state the power to take them into custody and deliver them to the Senate chamber the moment they step foot back in the state.

    Once the Democrats return, Republicans hope to reconvene the state Senate and pass the controversial budget.

    But Democratic state Sen. Chris Larson told ABC News that Republicans "are turning Wisconsin into a police state. We are not flinching."

    This promises to get very interesting, one way or the other.

  4. The Hammer, now a convicted felon, did that in Texas. Same movie, same bad script.

    Hey, he needs someone in prison who will believe his lies, which Walker the Talker would provide.

    Walker has already exposed himself as a violent offender when he got punked on the phone call, so he might as well do some time with a "company bastard".

  5. Dredd,

    Trouble is, neither is actually doing time. They know what you and me (the little people), don't. It ain't over until it's over; and in "rich people court," it ain't over until the "payments" are all in.

    Truth is, justice was/is never anything but a sham in the first place. All else is entertainment.

    The REALLY interesting point is that that point's FINALLY going mainstream. When it does FOR REAL here in the good ol' USA, REST ASSURED(!), all bets are off.