Saturday, January 8, 2011

Open Thread

Have at it


  1. NPR is reporting that Rep. Giffords and six others are dead.


  2. John P Wheeler III: Former Special Asst to Air Force Sec, Member of Council on Foreign Relations, Consultant to Mitre Corporation Found Dumped in Landfill

    Blog adds War on Whistleblowers links to acompiany stories that the O administration is engaging in unpresidentd persecution of whistleblowers, and Feds have supeonad Twitter records for all who have communicated with WikiLeaks, in the ultimate fishing expidition.

    The Witch Hunt begins!

  3. I'm just amazed that a dem could get elected in Arizona. That one would would get shot, not so much. They don't call it the wild west for nothing. A sign of things to come.

  4. Son of bitch shoots a child and other innocents because idiot macho fools do not think, they amygdala like the kill sergeant taught them.

    Pathetic poor excuses for human beings.

    I am so glad some of those innocent, decent people lived.

  5. I just watched a couple of his videos at HuffPo. They're labeling the guy as paranoid, but I think deranged is closer to the mark. All of it was rambling gibberish that made no sense whatsoever. Maybe a meth head? A lot of that stuff down Arizona way.

    The real story however, is that political assasination/terrorism is about to go mainstream in the US. Hey, why should Mexico have all the fun?

    Such organizations and individuals are merely following MOMCOM's lead, which teaches us all everyday to both fear terror and terrorists, and to celebrate the extreme violence both terrorists and our "protectors" espouse to control it. In the 24/7 security/terror society, extreme violence is embraced as a way of life and employed as the single most effective means of goal attainment. US foreign policy FINALLY comes home to roost!

    Can't wait til the nut-job right's counterparts on the left read the writing on the wall and start arming up too. We're gonna have one rollicking good time here in the land of the free before you know it.

  6. Pretty good discussion of the implications of today's events in Arizona: A Turning Point in the Discourse, but in Which Direction?

    I'm not sure I agree with a lot of it, as it spreads the blame evenly, as most articles of this type I've read in the past usually do. The right always seems to come out ahead after events like these, much like the teflon presidencies of Reagan and W.

    We'll now be subjected to weeks or months of calls for reconciliation and "bi-partisanship" from both sides of the aisle, but of course it will be all about further capitulation to right-wing demands, just like it always is. And of course NoBama will fall all over himself once again to oblige.

    I can almost hear his State of the Union already, calling for this "new spirit to arise in America" or some such high-minded rhetorical bullshit, probably with some low level GOP toady calling him a liar from the peanut gallery once again, earning momentary celebrity and loving adoration from the right in the process.

    Same as it ever was...