Friday, January 7, 2011

The Peak of The Oil Lies

Many stories are coming out that the Gulf of Mexico still has massive amounts of oil on the bottom, floating in the water column, and still washing up on the beaches there.

This is of course in the aftermath of the Deepwater Horizon disaster cover-up.

Nevertheless, the media portion of MOMCOM has moved on and does not cover this ongoing disaster as it did at the first, which is par for the course.

Below is a 20 minute video of an interview of several scholars and environmental observers concerning the phenomenon called "peak oil".

One of those who is interviewed wrote the book "Peak Everything".

One observation I have is that it is obvious how MOMCOM, the amygdala of the nation, is quite desperate to deceive when the inner workings are exposed as having gone over the top.

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  1. The Pentagon is feeling the economic heat, however I doubt they are sincere in saying they will cut $78b in 2015.

    They are most likely only paying lip service to ward off some of the heat.

    Story Here

  2. $78B over 4 years barely even qualifies as belt tightening for an agency for whom large parts of the budget aren't even officially disclosed. It's another smoke screen to enable the real agenda.

    The Gulf Oil spill is ancient history already. Move on, nothing to see here. When your lifeblood is oil, spills are just a small cost of doing business.

  3. The MSM fully cooperated, in their trained dutifully way, and opperated as a vector of Government propaganda by unquestionally running with the doctored photos of the BP Oil Spill.

    And, yes, the reason we are in Afghanistan is to build the TAPI gas pipeline. Spraken Zie Turkmenistani?
    It seems that the whole world knows more that We the Victimes of US MSM.

  4. Huffington Post has an article calling the Gulf Oil Spill the biggest cover-up in US history.

    Gulf Oil Spill

  5. Hard to imagine it being the biggest coverup with so much competition out there - the false-flag Gulf of Tonkin incident that precipitaed the major escalation of the Vietnam cluster-f*** comes to mind as just one among many, ALSO initiated by a "liberal" dem president by the way - but anything's possible.

    Personally, I think we'd be all horror-stricken if we knew the number and the scope of all the coverup incidences currently going on in the name of "freedom, liberty, and justice" worldwide. Jack Nicholson's character in A Few Good Men probably had it right afterall, "You [we] can't handle the truth!"

  6. Yes, the greatest cover up was the Louisiana fellow's description of it.

    His parish was and is devastated.