Thursday, January 6, 2011

Black Swan Down

At the behest of a dancer friend of mine, I went to see the movie Black Swan yesterday, so I didn't get a lot of blogging done.

The movie blew my mind because it was, to my imagination, a symbolic depiction of the animation of the national amygdala, which we call MOMCOM.

The amygdala energy at work was symbolized by the mother's imposition of her will on her daughter, the dancer, the future.

These machinations were causing a lot of schizophrenic, and other adverse personality morphs, like going from bright humane government to a torturing freak out government, and struggling to get back again.

The personality eventually became so dynamically toxic after going back and forth between the black swan and the white swan, that even though the persona performed the dance with the utmost artistic fervor, the entity ended up choosing suicide as the "glorious remedy" of choice.

Meanwhile back in Washington, a.k.a. ground zero, other stars were grasping at being humane by talking down Social Security, Health Care, and Medicare.

At the same time, out of the other side of their mouths, they were lifting Pentagon arms high and calling it light, you know, MOMCOM statue of liberty freedom.

Which is another way they seem to like to say to the world these daze, we have to keep you safe or we will kill you.


  1. Why am I reminded of the Dylan lyric "I've got blood in my eyes for you"?

  2. Birds are dying, as well as other animals, all around the world according to a European newspaper.

    European Union Times

  3. Dredd,

    I think you're getting the hang of this "metaphor" thing. Good work!

  4. Wow! Yet another sign that the current POTUS is an imposter: Business Background Defines Chief of Staff

    I don't know about you, but I've REALLY seen all I need to see after two years already. I agree with the GOP (albeit for all the wrong reasons), REPEAL NoBama now IN ENTIRETY for the good of us all! This guy makes Bush II look like a rank amateur criminal.

  5. The new chief of staff was campaign manager for Gore, and held a cabinet position in the Clinton Administration.

    Let's give him a chance.

  6. Some MOMCOM aware military folk get it. Read William Astore for example.

  7. The new chief of staff was campaign manager for Gore, and held a cabinet position in the Clinton Administration.

    Hardly a ringing endorsement.

  8. Most liberals are not happy with the new chief of staff, Laurence O'Donnell (MSNBC's "The Last Word") not included.

    He says that is a big mistake because this guy can get things done.

    We shall see.

  9. Getting things done is exactly what I'm worried about. Everytime NoBama "gets something done" we the people come out on the short end of the stick. I just want to see him neutralized for the last two years if he can't be removed outright. Maybe the GOP House will find a way to make that happen yet.

  10. If the GOP gets their way there will be nothing left to govern.

  11. If the GOP gets their way there will be nothing left to govern.

    Might be the best outcome remaining at this point. It's now obvious that things are gonna have to get a lot worse before they're going to get better again; as in it's going to take the coming crash to wake the masses up, if that even works. The current malignant imperialist regime has to be broken one way or another, and needless to say it's not going to give up without a fight to the death.

    We need a single party unequivically in charge so that the smoke and mirrors game can be exposed. The last two years especially have served to expose the shave-tail coward dems only purpose as to serve as foils for the GOP, allowing the same policies to go forward under the name of "progressivism" or "liberalism," which are and have been dead in American politics for decades now.

    NoBama's so bold now that he doesn't even try to hide it, taking a page out of the W playbook no doubt. You can only serve one master when it comes right down to it, and NoBama's making it plain for all to see now who his really is. Corporate capitalist, imperialist militarist, and inherently right-wing conservative, REPUBLICAN interests! He's a bought and paid for false-flag puppet-shill, who deserves to be prosecuted for election fraud and war crimes - no more, no less.

  12. That William Astore dude knows his stuff Randy. Thanks for the link.