Friday, December 3, 2010

On The Origin of MOMCOM

This post is a new type of literature, science friction, which is akin to science fiction.

Science fiction is usually based on a healthy amount of truth, mixed in with an abundant supply of imagination, extrapolation, humor, and the like, so science friction will follow suit.

The Dredd Blog System has mused about some solidly incredible mysteries being discovered in the cosmos around us, such as The Great Hexagon, the virgin mother lizard which does not copulate but instead replicates, and The Cosmic Bubble.

Discussing the latter, the story of The Origin of MOMCOM (focusing on the economist sub-class of the MOMCOM realm) began:
My theory is that the bubble is a very ancient runaway economic system developed by the ancestors of our current bankster species, before some of them migrated to our planet.

They are constantly talking about bubbles, constantly making them, constantly trying to keep them from popping by putting more and more "bubble stuff" into them.
(Economists - Aliens From Cygnus?). When the ancestors of MOMCOM first arrived in our solar system, they settled on the planet Mulantis, which once existed between Mars and Jupiter, but they destroyed it, then had to move on.

Once most of the debris from the explosive destruction of Mulantis had bombarded the planets in our solar system, abundantly cratering them and their moons, then had settled down, the ancestors of MOMCOM returned to this solar system and settled in on the Earth.

Once in awhile debris (for example: asteroids, comets, the renegrade groups orbiting Jupiter and Saturn), that had been thrown far and wide into our solar system when Mulantis exploded, would cause great destruction on the Earth, but eventually it settled down to the current phase of relatively few dangerous chunks of Mulantis still flying around out there.

Some of the microbes from Cygnus and Mulantis survived through all of that destruction (as did the ancestors of MOMCOM who were once human-like, by morphing into beings that do not have corporeal bodies) but who are now only able to influence species that still have corporeal bodies.

Some of that ancestor influence is seen by reading some of the scientific literature which teaches that humans must morph into machines, or religious literature which teaches that humans must morph into beings without corporeal bodies.

Religionists have a theory for the origin of the toxins of power that talk about evil beings without corporeal bodies, while scientists look for quantum elements in the mind somewhere.

We have wondered about the extent of the toxins of power, and how they replicate.

Think about it, why is our civilization headed for destruction by its very way of life, why is a portion of our civilization criminally insane in that sense?

MOMCOM seems so alien to this planet.

The ancestors of MOMCOM must have created the toxins of power long ago when malfunctions occurred during their morph, and those toxins still animate MOMCOM today.

That's the "troof of troofiness" nation.


  1. Dredd,

    Bubbles are an abject lesson in disaster economics and the systematic transfer of wealth to the elite who are behind and driving these bubbles. The current and ongoing "Quantatative Easing" going on at the Fed is in fact just one of the more overt methods the bankster class has resorted to - all out in the open light of day - to reinflate yet another bubble in the wake of the most recent collapse.

    You really do have to hand it to them for the sheer audacity they now display. The bankster class now owns our collective ass and they know it, we know it, they know that we know it, and they frankly don't give a rat's ass.

    Unfortunately for them, I think this next one's gonna be it, for the American dollar and economy at least. I think they've finally bled the place dry, although the debt slavery that follows promises to be an exponentially worse experience for almost all involved. I see the economic collpse being no more than 2-4 years away, with the resulting social, political, and total governmental collapse following within another 4.

    Quite frankly, I think most people will just be glad to finally get it over with, as I sense an increased resignation in people's responses to the continous onslaught of bad news.

  2. Think about it, why is our civilization headed for destruction by its very way of life, why is a portion of our civilization criminally insane in that sense?

    That's a good question and really gets to the heart of the matter.

    My answer is that we are fundamentally a primitive and warlike species that - with a large boost by religion, which is a truly a mirror into our psyche - seeks domination first over each other, then inevitably our entire natural environment. We truly believe that we are gods, but have forgotten or ignored the most basic tenet of being a god in this universe: as you sew so shall you reap. It's as if we want all the upsides to having dominion over every thing we see, but simply aren't interested in and refuse to acknowledge the sometimes less than obvious negative consequences of our actions.

    For all of our technical advancement, our remnants in 100 years - if indeed there are any - will view those of who lived (especially in the west) in the late 20th and early 21st centuries as perhaps the most stunted, primitive, and narrow minded members of the species for the last 2000 years (or more). Through the long lens of history, our politicians' high-minded, bullshit rhetoric will be held up to ridicule as the deeply disturbed, psychotic blather of denial that it actually is, much like the ramblings of Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, and all the rest that have gone before us appear now.

    Our technical "wizardry" has completely blinded us to the limitations of our own human nature, and will very likely spell the end for us as a "going concern" species in the not too distant future. The technocrats among us will be the last to give up their denial, but give it up they will before the superior and undeniable forces of natural law and resource limitations.