Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Circle W Cowboys - 2

In the first episode of this series "The Circle W Cowboys" we expanded upon the theme set forth in "A 'W' On Every Compass Point" to show how a myopic meme complex is born and raised.

The basic idea is that "business as usual" (BAU) status quo ideology permeates the BAU meme complex in Washington D.C.

When a president elect, senator elect, or newly elected House member gets to Washington D.C., following a November election, they are given the compass of the BAU meme complex and told "this is how we do it here".

They actually attend classes and lectures put on by the "leaders", who are actually followers of BAU, to learn how to do MOMCOM politics as usual.

The administration and congress is dutifully following the memes bouncing around the complex, which were also dutifully followed by the previous administration:
1) deficit military spending continues into the stratosphere, 2) big oil is worshipped, 3) the elite wealthy want more tax cuts, 4) the perverted state secrets doctrine rages out against WikiLeaks journalism, 5) the propaganda machine is rebuilt nastier than before, 6) they are increasing and perpetuating the extinction of accountability, and 7) thus the nation continues down the demented side of the slope on the sanity bell-curve.
Today on Morning Joe (MSNBC), Mr. Scarborough mentioned that it is wrong to prosecute those who are exposing government wrongs, who have not taken any oath not to expose such wrongs (in contrast, government folks take an oath not to do wrongs while in office).

Consistent with that, yesterday Mr. Scarborough also disagreed with Rep. King (R-Bullshitistan) that WikiLeaks should be named as a terrorist organization just because the WiggyLeaks journalism is showing the ugly mega-warts on this and several previous administration's derrières.

I certainly agree with Mr. Scarborough because this is nothing more than The Pentagon Papers 2.0, the enhanced version.

The administration in the persona of Secretary Clinton, said one of her counterparts intimated "you should hear what we say about you", as if two dorky ambassadorial failures add up to good ambassador relations.

Do they envision the diplomatic corps of our State Department as the organ for destroying the notion of a kinder, gentler nation, a nation that gets along with its neighbours far and wide, a nation that drags the relationships between nations down into the sewer?

And Attorney General Holder, in true Department of Just Us fashion, gets all veklempt over a binary download, but lets the plunder barons, robber barons, torture freaks, and war criminals give themselves the greatest corporate pay checks and bonuses ever ... from the Treasury even, as the unemployed lose their benefits?

Egads, the BAU meme complex up there in Washington Town has gone all Lady GaGa on Steroids doncha know, with glow in the dark, neon flashing, mickey mouse W compasses aplenty.

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  1. Looks like Assange's gonna be a hunted man, at least for awhile. I'm betting any life insurance policy he might have is getting canceled immediately. Daniel Ellsberg - he of the Pentagon Papers - was on NPR last night at drive time and saw PFC Bradley Manning as a sort of modern day hero for daring to speak truth to power from the belly of the beast. Needless to say, there's quite a bit more to the backstory of this whole affair than you're hearing in the various MSM soundbytes calling for espionage charges.

    Fed workers take the first - largely symbolic - hit in the first of the deficit wars. Funny that Wall St bonuses are on track to exceed last year, which was a record setter for the fat cats. Not hard to figure out the strategy here. Pensioners, who have already been targeted in Ireland, will be targeted soon, although the political sleight of hand will doubtlessly be a little more sophisticated over here. This Obama in the WH thing is working out pretty good - for the GOP and right wing. Cat food anyone?

    I think in my last foray into prognostication for fun I predicted a pretty much total meltdown by the time of Sarah Palin's (or her equivalent's) presidential reelection run in 2016. Although that little ditty was mostly for fun, it's starting to look eerily prescient. I might have to pull it out and freshen it up based on recent events. I think I was a little too optimistic the first time around.