Saturday, November 20, 2010

Will The GOP Cause A Trade Boycott?

We discuss the oil wars, global warming, trade problems, and GOP climate change deniers in posts on this blog often.

The republicans won a majority in the House of Representatives in the recent election.

Several of those winners are expected to become committee chairmen who have voiced their belief that global warming is a hoax.

Some of their counterparts in the Senate express the same sentiments in no uncertain terms.

A new story seems to put all of these ideological tugs and pulls into one looming scenario:
Just 10 days ahead of international leaders convening in Cancun, Mexico for the UN climate change conference, British economist Nicholas Stern warned Friday that the U.S. could face a boycott on its products from other countries if it doesn't adequately reduce carbon emissions, AFP reports.

Stern told The Times, "The US will increasingly see the risks of being left behind, and 10 years from now they would have to start worrying about being shut out of markets because their production is dirty."
(Huffington Post). If the GOP climate change deniers gain enough control to cause the USA to snub its nose at the rest of the world, this man is saying it could cause us to lose out in some global trade scenarios, i.e., being boycotted by nations who see global warming & climate change as serious threats.

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  1. Being snubbed by the rest of the world will just feed the Tea Parties' psychosis, what with everyone else being communist tree huggers.

    It'll suck to be a sane American caught up in the sh*tstorm that's a-coming.