Sunday, November 14, 2010

Jabber The Whut? - 4

This is the final post in this series, at least for a while, after having already set the stage here, here, and here.

Now we focus on the damage done to the USA by the vast media realm of MOMCOM, the one that has the power to cause you to always see the outer persona of MOMCOM (see photo of woman & chimp below), instead of seeing the inside job depicted by the graphic of Jabba The Hutt above.

The fundamental, underlying scientific theory behind the psychological details of this post is a post "The Toxic Bridge To Everywhere" (link below) from the Toxins of Power blog, while the underlying subject matter is set up in the previous posts in this series, which have been linked to in the introductory sentence above.

You may be asking what do you mean by "the damage done to the USA by the vast media realm", which is a good place to start:
There is a large amount of data indicating that the amygdala, a particular structure in the brain, is strongly involved during the learning of "conditioned" fear ... distinct neuronal circuits within the central nucleus of the amygdala ... are specifically involved in acquisition and control of behavioural fear responses ... researchers have recently discovered that ... prolonged activation of this defense system may lead to emotional disorders.
(The Toxic Bridge To Everywhere). Scholars in the USA, Great Presidents, and Great Generals alike have been aware for decades of the damage MOMCOM's overactive amygdala does.

Yes they have known that what the media are being used for by elements within the government & corporate structure (to spread propaganda / psychological conditioning far and wide) will undo the nation.

A Dredd Blog hypothesis is that this is part of the reason that one day, if it is not stopped:
If I were to say that maybe now, but for sure in the future as our economy crawls back to 3, 4, 5 or 6 percent unemployment, more U.S. citizens will begin to lose their minds than will lose homes, jobs, or health care, would you believe it?

The statistics can be said to fairly lead an analyst slowly but surely toward such a conclusion ...
(Will Elections Cure The Disease?). Since MOMCOM's use of propaganda and torture, which the USA is infamous for lately, also damages the cognitive abilities of those using such techniques, it is unlikely that recovery of any sort will acquit the downward spiral.

The whole government under the controlling influence of MOMCOM has become "The Department of Just Us", unconcerned with the humanities which once upon a time they were charged with implementing.


  1. I noticed that Rand Paul and the Tea Partiers were the only one's with much to say about Iraqistan whatsoever in the recent elections, and even they only viewed it as primarily a budgetary problem. It'll be very interesting to see how long he/they holds the line on that position. I'll give them six months before all that rhetoric is as wilted as a hothouse flower left outside overnight in a November freeze.

    Nobody but nobody is electable in the US today if they take on national defense, and that's just a sad but undeniable fact. Republicans in particular have long known that wars are like new bureaucracies (DHS anyone?). Once established, they take on a life of their own and are simply unkillable. We'll be in Iraqistan until they physically kick us out (that'll never happen) or we've drained the place of every natural resource that's worth anything at all. Even after moving on to Iran, Pakistan, and god knows where else, we'll maintain sizable contingents in both countries in order to consolidate and protect our "investment," especially considering that both will remain highly unstable given our continued influence in a region that rightfully despises us. MOMCOM uber alles!

  2. disaffected,

    "Nobody but nobody is electable in the US today if they take on national defense, and that's just a sad but undeniable fact."

    That is a false frame, as well as being inaccurate.

    Lowering runaway warster spending which is harming the nation is in the national interest, the national defense.

    Those who are against endless wars defend the nation, which after all is composed of working people who need a sound economy.

    Take Representative Stark and Senator Byrd for example, who are the subject of this old Dredd Blog post "The Stark Truth".

    Stark and Byrd have been re-elected (Byrd died) even though the great war hawk Ike Skelton was not re-elected, nor were the greater percentage of all warster Blue Dog democrats.

    Had your coffee yet?

  3. One big reality falsehood MOMCOM economists foster on the little people is that war is good for an economy.

    The opposite is the reality we live in.

  4. Randy,

    Yeah, you've got me there. Pete Stark has certainly been a shining, LONE example of a dem actually possessing a pair of stones. Unfortunately, he hasn't wielded much anti-war influence either. He's also from NoCal, which might be one of the few exceptions to the rule (Pelosi, Boxer, etc.), but I doubt anyone would call them mainstream or especially powerful. Matter of fact, they're pretty much the poster children for the liberal left, which even Obama (granted, he's actually a closet conservative) is trying to distance himself from. Even the congressional dems sans blue dogs are trying to disown Pelosi as minority whip at the moment.


    Depends on which economy you're talking about. Perpetual war is great for the MOMCOM and bankster economies, not so good for the one we live in. However, they know all that economic stuff is fungible and that the people are easily misled about cause and effect - especially when they're out of work and worried about an overdue mortgage payment. Great times to be a war profiteer.

  5. disaffected,

    "Depends on which economy you're talking about"

    It is a national dementia to consider it sane to segregate the national economy into something war is good for and something war is bad for at the same time.

    It is a logical contradiction.

    That is a source for a failing national economy, a sort of schizophrenic fragmentation which Bob Dylan alluded to in his lyric "when you go your way and I go mine".

    The lizard brain and the cognitive brain can't physically do that, so one must dominate.

    Empires in the past get into that illusion of division observed in struggles for class domination & subjugation.

    This happens during their decline and demise phase, whereas, their positive development phase had been based on being united.

    Our Constitution was our national vehicle, our national cognitive brain if you will, for dominating the national lizard brain.

    The demise caused by an insurgency of the lizard brain eventually takes everyone down, even the prima donnas who can't seem to fathom that reality.

  6. disaffected,

    "I doubt anyone would call them ... especially powerful"

    You got me there.

    There is no doubt that power does not rest in The House or The Senate in terms of getting the people's interests covered.

    I think we read that in a blog post Will Elections Cure The Disease?

  7. disaffected,

    "Even the congressional dems sans blue dogs are trying to disown Pelosi as minority whip at the moment."

    Reuters is reporting:

    "Outgoing House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi appeared to secure the top Democratic leadership spot for next year, as the only lawmaker expected to mount a challenge acknowledged on Sunday that he will not have the support to topple her." (Raw Story)

    Are you reading Red State or something? Better get a friendly check up at your local Dredd Blog. ;-)

  8. Dredd,

    No, I had heard one of the remaining blue dogs, Heath Shuler, was going to make a bid. Whether or not Pelosi remains is really irrelevant, the dems are already making overtures to the GOP regarding "extending" the tax cuts for the ultra wealthy etc., so its pretty easy to see which way the wind is blowing in DC. The dems are rightfully back on their heels, where they will remain until they are routed again in 2012. Can't get here soon enough IMO.

    By the way, the routing of dem blue dogs should hardly be viewed as a liberal victory of any sort. Rather, it was merely an acknowledgement that a true died in the wool attack dog Republican is greatly preferable to a dem with a yellow stripe down his back in districts that lean conservative anyway. Blue dog dems are merely politicians without any conviction, and they should be ousted, even if it means a Republican will replace them. Better the enemy you know than a cowardly traitor who sells you out at every inopportunity.

  9. disaffected,

    "the enemy you know"

    Yeah, it is like "choose your poison" ... democrats who cave to MOMCOM, independents who cave to MOMCOM, republicans who cave to MOMCOM, T-baggers who cave to MOMCOM, or blue dogs who cave to MOMCOM.

    MOMCOM and the cave minions are all poison, toxic, and deadly.