Friday, June 4, 2010

Hateful Oilboarding For Oilah Akbar

The worshippers of Oilah, the greatest drug peddler on this planet, are confused by the picture of reality.

The blood of their "savior", oil, which flows through the toxic blood veins of the god Oilah to fuel the weapons systems targeting millions of people around the world, ready to deliver nuclear winter at the drop of a hat, now covers birds, fish, ocean, beaches, the air, and marshes.

The truth is out for all to see, to embrace, or to cover with oil and reject once again.

When we explain that global warming is being caused by the blood of Oilah (oil and hardened oil, a.k.a. coal) the Inhofe, Palin, Jindal crowd cannot fathom it because it still snows in the winter months.

Will the pictures they see now, which will get much worse and spread, induce some of them to want to help shake the deadly toxic addiction?

Oilah's blood is also also lumbering under the surface of the gulf, out of their sight, forming island sized scabs of toxic plumes looking for more victims deep in the underwater dark alley ways far from our sight.

This is the real Oilah Akbar! Oilah Akbar!, the harbinger of death, the drug peddler of oil, which the whole world is a slave to and is deceived by.

Now the oil god Oilah has become angry and is trying to make us all blood worshipers by spraying bloody toxic oil on us far and wide while demanding our continued loyalty.

And Oilah's Priests are getting loyalty because freedom from the Oilah doctrine, the Oilah addiction, is not easy.

Even when our loved ones are tortured by oilboarding, then killed before our very eyes, we are told mantra style once again what we were told in 1973 concerning "going green", "these things don't happen overnight".

After they told us that in 1973 the addiction marched on, and marches against us still 37 years later.

Only the disasters seem to happen overnight; they happen in an instant, in a flash of exploding oil and gas, to spread flames and fumes of death into the life giving Earth.

Attending to the damage is what does not happen over night, shaking the addiction is what does not happen overnight, soothing the millions of victims is what does not happen overnight.

Yes, after Oilah Akbar has the temper tantrum and goes on a killing spree, it takes tankers full of time to stop the pain inflicted on innocent people, if the pain ever does stop at all.

Extinction of Earth species is accelerating, destruction of critical ecological cycles is increasing, to the point that scientists are not sure whether we have already passed the tipping point.

Meanwhile, "we" want our freedom from Oilah, "we" who are citizens of the good Earth, but all the government offers us is triage.


  1. The addiction actually increased after 1973 with the indignant rejection of President Jimmy Carter's admonitions to conserve and change our way of life. His subsequent humiliating election rejection in 1980 for Ronny "Mourning in America" Reagan was the signal event that set us on our current course, and really has to be chalked up to "we the people," who clearly had a choice and made it.

    All subsequent MPG efficiency gains were plowed into bigger motors and vehicle sizes, as well as increased sales worldwide. The ironic thing now is, we are still seeing the same marketing thrust these days, even in the midst of the "green" push. The whole green thing is just another marketing strategy to increase sales, rather than the thing we need, an actual switch in consumption patterns that we desperately need over the long term.

    Vehicle prices have a lot to do with that as well. Green vehicles that start at $30K and go up considerably from there are not helping anyone. Current battery technologies are not viable cost or performance wise either. We've arrived 30 years too late and a whole lot worse off right back to 1980, decision making wise. The results are not going to be pretty.

  2. One can take a slice of time at about any location in the history of oil usage in the U.S. and it goes up from point A to point B.

    The "growth economy" philosophy, within the overall ponzi scheme economy, drives the continual increase of the dosage of the oil addiction.

    All presidents have x amount of oil usage at the beginning, then they have x + Y at the end of their term.

    The oil religion is universal and we will die as oil addicts it would seem at this point in time.

  3. Wiki says:

    Most scientists agree that emissions of pollutants and greenhouse gases from fossil fuel-based electricity generation account for a significant portion of world greenhouse gas emissions; in the United States, electricity generation accounts for nearly 40 percent of emissions, the largest of any source. Transportation emissions are close behind, contributing about one-third of U.S. production of carbon dioxide.

    In the United States, fossil fuel combustion for electric power generation is responsible for 65% of all emissions of sulfur dioxide, the main component of acid rain. Electricity generation is the fourth highest combined source of NOx, carbon monoxide, and particulate matter in the US

    Power generation seems to be as significant as automobile usage when it comes to pollution.

  4. Randy,

    Power generation is almost entirely dependent on coal, which is of course much dirtier than petroleum (claims of "clean coal" notwithstanding), and the electrical power and coal lobbies have also been much more active and successful at getting pollution standards eased for their industry. Additionally, coal, coming from some of the poorest regions in the US, has one of the most powerful lobbies currently operating in Washington, a factor that will only increase in the waning days of petroleum and the concurrent shrinking economies.

    And the current political answer? Carbon cap and trade, another commodity based ponzi scheme that already has Wall St licking its chops and environmentalists rolling their eyes. Predictably, not even as innocuous a program as that gets political support, a clear sign that political support for truly effective measures is completely nonexistent.

    I expect the world to be a veritable toxic stew by the end of this century, which thankfully, barring reincarnation at least, I won't be alive to see.

  5. The first mass-produced vehicles were E85 flex fuel that could use ethanol or methanol mixed with gasoline: "The first commercial flexible fuel vehicle was the Ford Model T, produced from 1908 through 1927" (Wikipedia).

    The power of the Oilah Akbar religion eventually changed that.

    Had we stayed with that and gone to a methanol economy our demise would have to come some other way.

  6. Dredd,

    I would submit that oil was inevitable either way, as we were literally swimming in it when it was first discovered, and it must have seemed like a literal godsend (the shit literally oozes out of the ground!) to the wealthy industrialists poised to capitalize on it at the time. The wholesale dismantling of the public transit system in favor of the subsequent freeway networks in So Cal by GM and others was a clear cut example of the viewpoint that gas was cheap, harmless, readily available, and of limitless supply. That single event more than any other probably locked in the American car culture that was to follow and which strangles us today.

    Now, less than 100 years later we know what a folly all of that was, but the focus is not on saying: "Oh Shit! Look what a mess we've made. We better get our act together and make some radical change QUICK or we're all screwed!" But rather, "Ho-hum. We're America. We're the greatest superpower the world's ever seen, and we've got GOD ON OUR SIDE! This is just another small hurdle to be jumped by throwing limitless amounts of American money, brainpower, and technology at. We'll have it fixed by the 10 o'clock news, you just wait and see."

    I think the death of that American exceptionalist vision will be the first sign that we truly "get" the predicament we're in; and, unfortunately, it will also likely mark the point where the shit first truly hits the fan. We've been living with this exceptionalism fantasy for far too long for the bitter pill that we're not exceptional at all, just more arrogant, ever to go down easily. Fun times ahead!

  7. "less than 100 years later we know what a folly all of that was"

    If it is the minority of folks who are in denial or who don't get it, we still have a consensus.

    But we may not have the power to overcome the addiction now, so we await the demise of civilization.

    It sounds like the "exceptionalism" may have morphed into a juvenile form of immortalism.