Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Honest People Shine In This Darkness

It is way past time that true heroes are recognized in this false-hero infested nation.

It has been too long that murderous mob-type thugs, who are murdering our reputation as well as murdering innocent people around the globe, have been sold by the used car salesman media as heroes.

The Gulf Oil Blog with its honest scientists shines through in this darkness like a breath of fresh air from the old Gulf of Mexico years B.C. and years BP (before petroleum).

Dredd blog predicted that we (human civilization) were moving closer to disaster on the day that President Obama announced offshore drilling expansion.

Later, when the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe began, we reflected on our suspicions that the oil barons and media of MOMCOM, including the federal government, would at first try to propagandise their way out of what their own ignorance of reality had brought upon Americans.

Even to this day BP is denying the existence of oil plumes below the surface, but some sharp scientists at Gulf Oil Blog are shining through that BP darkness.


  1. Those scientists sure have heart!

    Congratulations to the entire group at the University of Georgia for providing the ship and the where-with-all to create this service to the nation and to the world.