Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Open Thread

It is getting crazy out there ...

The Wars Continue:
N.Korea vs. S.Korea
Israel vs. Aid/Relief Workers, 10 dead
U.S. vs. Afghanistan
U.S. vs. Iraq
Turkey vs. Israel

Civilization vs. Earth Continues:
Hurricane Season "Opened" Yesterday

First Tropical Storm Agatha Kills 175

Giant Sinkhole 100' x 200' sucks in 3 story bldg, guard dies

BP vs. The Gulf of Mexico Continues:
Obama Regrets His Embrace of Drill Baby Drill?

BP Incompetence

U.S. Attorney General Holder Opens Criminal Investigation

BP To Try Again To Stop The Bleeding

**Deepwater Horizon Blog Begins**
(to track the massive plumes that BP denies)


  1. I've got a feeling this summer could be one for the books, what with the ongoing Gulf oil spill and a predicted strong storm season, volcanoes and earthquakes coming to life the world over, Iran and Israel both thumbing their noses at anybody and everybody, North Korea returning to form and China - not the US - acting as the peacekeeper, world sovereigns threatening default and stock markets becoming skittish in return, Obama losing credibility by the day and midterm elections in the fall, just to name a few. There's bad mojo in the air, and who knows where we'll be by labor day.

  2. That is a sensible feeling.

    If only the governments could wake up and smell the ... in the air too ("what economic bubble is about to burst?").

    Did you see the new .edu blog about the plumes ... scientists started it.

    Good for the scientists! Lots and lots of them are the good guys.