Sunday, May 9, 2010

Earth Day 2010 Will Live In Infamy

The first attempt to use the metal box to stop one of the leaks at the Deepwater Horizon terrorist stronghold did not work.

In is more clear now that we are weeks into what appears to be the largest environmental disaster in American history around the Gulf of Mexico.

MOMCOM terrorists, enabled by the Obama Administration's lackey attitude of "can't we all get along" with these ecoterrorists, have hit and damaged Americans once again.

This Earth Day will be one that will live in infamy, forever changing the perception people have of government, "Beyond Petroleum", and the oil industry in general.

Their gross, criminal negligence mixed with an attitude of no care nor consideration for the lives of millions of people is a disgrace.

The Obama Administration, like others before it, ignored and ridiculed all the many warnings it received, and like its madmen friends, rushed headlong into this disaster.

The hollow and naive words of President Obama who bloviated a while back that oil barons don't do oil spills any more, then after the spill bloviated that "BP will pay for the clean up", shows that he and his mentors just do not get the fact that nothing the monopoly money printing presses can do will pay for these types of terrorist attacks.

This Earth Day marked a point in time showing that we have been taken coldly into The Criminally Insane Epoch.

Government policy now considers Triage to be the best it can do for those it has sworn to protect.


  1. Watched excellent video on the Exxon Valsez spill last night called Black Wave. Twenty years on, Exxon has spent hundred's of millions of dollars in legal fees fighting claims against it which were only recently finally settled, hundreds of sick cleanup workers, communities and their fisheries devastated with no recovery in sight, and habitats still soiled with oil residue.

    This is what the Gulf region now has to look forward to. And regardless of the cleanup efforts or the settlements offered, much of this is simply undoable and will plague the Gulf coast region for decades to come. If this leak persists for months or even years, the region is truly fucked.

    I think at some point in the near future we may well reach a point of no return, where big business basically assesses the risk of further environmental impact to any oil drilling activity to be nil, simply because so much has been done already and the need for resources - primarily oil - will have grown so dire. At that point the official mantra will become fuck it! when it comes to environmental decisions, and spills like the one we're watching now will simply be evaluated on a narrow cost/benefit basis.

    As in, is it cheaper to try to recover the oil at the well head, or should we simply wait for it to rise to the surface and try to skim it out of the water. The unspoken assumption would be that the lone priority would be recovering the oil for production purposes, and not for any negative environmental impacts it might have. From there it would be a short step to letting some wells just "bleed out" into the environment if recovery were judged not to be cost effective at all.

    This will in turn create a whole entirely separate secondary oil recovery and cleanup industry, much as we're seeing now, which will follow the majors' drilling activities like a parasite, in an effort to profit from their lacadaisical practices. And of course the government beancounters, corporate lackeys that they are, will count all this as a boon to GDP and pronounce it all "good for business."

  2. Some polls show that republicans are primarily the cause of environmental disaster promotion politics.

    Democrats and Independents are more concerned for the environment than republicans are.

    Example: CBS Poll