Saturday, May 8, 2010

Bubble On Babylon

A while back there was a post on Ecocosmology Blog about the mysterious bubble galaxy recently discovered.

At about the same time there was a post here employing a theory that aliens from that bubble galaxy had settled in at MOMCOM's financial capital, Wall Street & The White House.

Bubbles have caused a lot of problems since then.

Some interviews with oil rig employees are being released which reveal what seems like a symbolic event, quite competently portraying what is happening to bubble civilization, that is, sudden unprepared for bubble events occurring unexpectedly as we celebrate our civilization.

It appears that as BP officials were onboard Deepwater Horizon celebrating the process of converting from a development well into a production well, a methane gas bubble raced up the pipe, then into a room next to the celebration, where it became exposed to raw electrical connections. Then all of a sudden the party was over:
A group of BP executives were on board the Deepwater Horizon rig celebrating the project’s safety record, according to the transcripts. Meanwhile, far below, the rig was being converted from an exploration well to a production well.
(Boston Herald). It seems that what was produced was an introduction to a burst of reality rays.

Will the resistance to reality, so manifest in government today, be able to resist the reality that is obvious to the public, especially those impacted in the Red Neck Riviera?

On another bubble front, everyone on Wall Street seems to be running around wondering about the gas bubble that worked its way out of the super computers of the stock market system Thursday, bursting into a number of realities.

As the bubble-gummers chewed, bloviated, and blew larger and larger bubbles, some binary methane worked its way up the pipe, then into the number cruncher room, where it popped the weasels a good one.

Now, one of the bubble masters from bubble central, the SEC, will "investigate" what caused the problem, leading some to exclaim "now we will never know what happened".

The bubble nature of things, including the Sun itself, really makes you wonder sometimes doesn't it?

The next post in this series is here.

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  1. I watched an environmentalist who was commenting on the oil that had been sprayed with dispersant chemicals.

    He noticed that it was turning redish, then commented that it must contain iron in some form.

    So iron is what was used to make it heavier and sink to the bottom, so it could not be seen?

    Perhaps that was better than lead?

    The rust will eventually decompose in the salt water, then the oil that sank may rise later?

    Wouldn't that extend the time frame for oil washing ashore?