Monday, May 10, 2010

Republicans - The Kill Baby Drill Party?

Sometimes people wonder about who in the world are these "drill baby drill" people.

These loud mouths who become comparatively quite silent when massive oil spill disasters come to their republican governed states.

These slow talking loud mouths are quick to ask the democratic majority for chunks of the federal fisc to help clean up the deadly plague their republican oil baron friends have brought upon them.

They say they eschew "big government" because it is bad, but they don't want money from their republican cronies who did one disaster after another, but they will take it from the people's Treasury even as they vote against such things for others.

Likewise we sometimes wonder who these kill baby kill and torture baby torture people are who complain about deficits caused by endless stupid wars that destroy our most valued commodity, our reputation in the world.

A CBS poll gives the answer, it is the republicans.

For example, Republican Senator Inhofe says that global warming is the greatest hoax ever pulled on the people of the world in the entire 7,000 years of the flat earth's existence.

If you wonder where they get their ideas, check out the curriculum of the right wing war colleges and the right wing religious educational institutions.

Those places taught Bush II that he was High Priest In Chief, taught Nixon that he was better than others, and taught Inhofe that the earth is only 7,000 years old.

The republicans also initiated global warming denial as well as climate change denial.


  1. Of course the good people of Oklahoma keep sending Inhofe to the Senate, so what does that say about them? The next time Texas pols make noise about seceding from the Union maybe we should ask them to take Oklahoma with them and just move along quietly. I'm sure Mexico would love to have them both - NOT!

  2. Texas, home of a secessionist republican governor, is now in the sights of the "bi-partisan" oil spill.

    Spill Heads For Texas Too

  3. I guess the spill, since it only threatens republican states (the reds) now, will need to move up the east coast and hit some democratic states (the blues) before it is truly bi-partisan.

    The Obama Administration would like that kind of fairness wouldn't they?

  4. Well, here's hoping the Gulf has an active storm season this year just so those god and oil loving red staters can revel in the stuff up close and personal. With any luck, the private sector will find some use for the oily-watery goo by then, so they really should view this as an opportunity sent from heaven, and not merely as a disaster. Come on red staters - where's your faith in god and free-market capitalism when it counts?