Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Back To The Future Of The Real World

We dealt with the dangers to the imaginary world of the MSM of MOMCOM in the earlier post this morning.

Now back to the future of the real world.

Many people read the Ecocosmology Blog post yesterday, linked to here on Dredd Blog, pointing out many global warming events all happening to the real world now, not in the misty future.

Just one of those events spoken of in the article could cripple, damage, or cause the demise of civilization, but that particular one about the bees is not covered in the MSM of MOMCOM.

The mysterious vanishing of bee colonies over the past four years generates some numbers like this:
2,400,000 x .33 = 792,000
2,400,000 - 792,000 = 1,608,000
1,608,000 x .33 = 530,640
1,608,000 - 530,640 = 1,077,360
1,077,360 x .33 = 355,529
1,077,360 - 355,529 = 721,831
721,831 x .33 = 238,204
721,831 - 238,204 = 483,627
(ibid). The Ecocosmolgy Blog quoted scientists for percentage and number of bee colonies, which the figures above are based on.

That article said "over a third", but not how much over a third, so I stuck to 33% to be careful.

The figures above are only designed to show how far things can go in a short four years, from 2,400,000 bee colonies to only 483,627 bee colonies.

Scientists said, in the article, that they don't know why bee colony death is happening, but I suspect global pollution, including but not limited to global warming.

I also suspect the morphing of virus and larger biological organisms, induced by that environmental pollution.

There is an interesting example of one of these morphs, which is better known in the geographical region where the Winter Olympics just took place, but lets take a look:
Our evidence documents emerging hypervirulent genotypes in the United States that may expand further and provides insight into the possible molecular and geographic origins of the outbreak.
(Cryptococcus gattii, emphasis added). "Hypervirulent" is another way of saying "virulent on steroids" or "super bug", in the common vernacular.

It is pathetic, unprofessional, and bordering on the criminal for the MSM of MOMCOM to try to scare the U.S. population with The Keystone Turrissttss while ignoring an entire host of problems MOMCOM is performing which are really and truly endangering the entire U.S. population.

I swear, another name for the MSM is "liars anonymous" or "The Keystone News".

UPDATE: The honey bee is "the canary in the coal mine", so when that canary dies the miners in the mine do not all drop dead with it.

But the wise among them who flee immediately upon seeing the canary die will live longer than those who poo poo the fact of the canary dropping dead.

The same thing goes with the death of vast numbers of the honey bee population.

If civilization is destroying the honey bee, that civilization is in a mine with a poisoned atmosphere, and it is best to do something very quickly or civilization is on a path to die.

Many people will live on, but civilization will be a victim of itself.

See here and here for clarification.


  1. In their best legalese, I'm sure they'd just tell you, "Strictly speaking, we're not lying. We're just telling you the selective version of the news that we see fit or which is most profitable for us. Not necessarily in that order, of course."

    Now we know how the Soviets felt listening to Pravda - all disinformation all of the time. We've just the glossier, sexed-up, capitalist version of the same thing.

  2. One of MOMCOM's events, the oil spill in the Gulf, is now threatening Florida, says Senator Bill Nelson.

    Some people in the news conference audience were yelling "bomb it" and "napalm it".

    Perhaps they were around when the U.S. Army segment of MOMCOM had a program to nuke hurricanes off the coast of Florida.

    The program lasted until some scientists talked some sense into them.

  3. The Florida tourism industry I'm less than sympathetic with. How does all that tourism take place? By wealthy Americans traveling in droves by car, bus, or jet to extravagant resorts in the Florida heat, where even more fossil fuels are burned by the butt load to power the various amusements and tourist resorts. Make your living by exploiting cheap energy in a totally unnecessary and tawdry way, and you pay the occasional price for that use. Sounds like they've got MORE than a fair bargain over the long run to me.

    All that Disney World and related shit around Tampa and Orlando could go away tomorrow, and the world would be a better place without it. Land speculators? Same shit. They're parasites. The rest of the actual producing Gulf coast? Now that's another story...

  4. Travel can be a form of education. At least to the degree that it is someone's first visit to a new geographic region. That is part tourism and part travel-to-learn.

    The overly zealous exploitation via commercialism with anything is a bit over the top.

    One wonders if the reefs, shore life along shoals, and other ecosystems, if damaged or destroyed, could effect how weather impacts orange groves and other food producing systems inland.

    That applies to the entire Gulf and Atlantic coasts which could be threatened if the hoods and shut-off valves do not work, and a new well must be drilled.