Friday, May 7, 2010

A Tale Of Two Volcanoes

The oil volcano in the Gulf of Mexico and the Icelandic volcano have something in common.

Pressure: the pressure of oil addiction.

The Icelandic volcano had a large, thick, heavy ice sheet holding its contents down, not allowing those contents to spew into the atmosphere.

The Gulf of Mexico oil field had a large, thick, heavy ocean bottom holding its contents down, not allowing those contents to spew into the Gulf.

Then a long time ago came oil addiction along with its mantra drill baby drill.

Eventually the addiction to oil led to global warming which eventually melted the ice field sufficiently for the pressure to break through the ice field.

So the contents of the volcano deep in the earth then escaped to damage civilization.

The addiction requires more and more oil, so they punctured the sea bed and tapped into the oil reservoir which was under great pressure.

When the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig exploded and sank, the pressure was free to push the oil volcano into the precious gulf, and free to begin to damage civilization as well as the environment.

Here is a video of a section of the pipe spewing oil:


  1. Either of these "volcanoes" can cause health problems to people far away from the oil slick or magma.


  2. Hard to make out much from the video. I'm sure much of it was filmed right in the middle of the oil cloud, so that would just appear as "background noise" and you really wouldn't notice it.

    At any rate, they've really got their hands full with this one. It'll be quite interesting to see how all of this plays out politically in the fall. I'm guessing the GOP is sweating bullets on how to spin all this about now. Unfortunately, the Dems aren't looking a lot better after Obama's virtual defection to the other side.

  3. This is a systemic failure of government over a long period of time, after having been manipulated to the max by MOMCOM for decades.

    Like Maher said: "If you are a racist you are probably a republican", so I will say "if you are 'drill baby drill' you are probably a republican or in the Obama administration.

  4. disaffected,

    The oil spewing is in the background part way through the video.

    It looks like the smoky material coming out of those thermal vents deep in the ocean between Europe and the East Coast.

    The smoky material emerging from the pipe like smoke is oil.

    It was produced when plant and animal species were suddenly covered in a catastrophe many, many millions of years ago, then decomposed.