Thursday, April 8, 2010

Nuclear Sanity Signals

The news conference between Obama and Medvedev about the agreement concerning nuclear warhead reduction is a signal of sanity.


I was beginning to wonder if we would ever see another one of these kinds of major treaties that makes good sense and is well received.

Now the cameras will turn toward the Senate and the party of no, to see if they will try to ruin it with psycho fear talk.

Clearly we need to send a message to the world that the United States of America is still here.

It is just that some of our leaders temporarily lost sanity some time back and the voices of reason have been fighting to get the ship of state back on course.

The news conference from Prague was like a breath of fresh air, and hopefully it will begin to reassure the other nations.

Congratulations to the Russian government and the U.S. government for setting a better course.


  1. It's a good move for what its worth, but we've been through all this treaty business before, and the US - in particular - has shown no compunction about unilaterally abrogating treaties based on completely spurious logic or simply no logic at all. I work on the fringe of "the industry," and the good news out here is that stockpile maintenance at current levels is a top Obama priority, so any hint that the US has suddenly regained its senses and would like to walk back the nuclear specter before its coming meltdown is surely misguided. Let's hope we weather our coming "reorganization" at least as well as the former USSR, but, given the amount of freefall our collective standard of living will undergo, I wouldn' bet on it.

  2. The film "Countdown To Zero" shows the horrid state of affairs in the nuclear arms realm.

    It is so bad that any sanity in this vast darkness is welcome.

    Link to Countdown To Zero info is here ...