Monday, April 5, 2010

The Left & Right To Life

The defendant Scott Roeder testified that he stalked, then shot and killed Dr. Tiller because the doctor was doing late term abortions.

Roeder's testimony went on to say that only God can take human life.

Two deductions may be taken from his position:
1) Roeder is a god (because he took a human life) ...

2) a foetus (a.k.a. fetus) is a human life at some point in time.
Whether either of those two are true or not, Roeder was sentenced to life in prison without any parole possibility for at least 50 years (he will be 102 yrs. old then).

Roeder's belief system comes from far right ideology which denies the notion that humanity can harm the earth's ecosystem.

They tend to be climate change and global warming sceptics or deniers, at least when it comes to the anthropogenic (human caused) portion of the equation.

Far worse than that are those who believe in the anthropogenic origin of climate change and global warming, but continue to do those things that are bringing on the deaths of millions of people anyway.

MOMCOM is part and parcel of the global climate murder, through the oil baron members of the complex.

The federal government is an accomplice to the global climate murder, through the kowtowing and slavery to the oil addiction they have helped take hold and expand to nations around the planet.

Clearly these people do not understand that the earth is the foetus (fetus) of the human species, and they are doing a mass abortion for no cosmic reason whatsoever.

UPDATE: President Obama gets the nuclear weapon reduction logic, contrary to his failure to get the drill baby drill lack of logic.

When President Kennedy was given a list of options for how to destroy another nation, he had an observation that also applies to the killing of millions by anthropogenic environmental disaster:
After a briefing on the SIOP on Sept. 14, 1962, President John F. Kennedy turned to his secretary of state, Dean Rusk, and remarked, "And they call us human beings."
(Newsweek). How can we consider ourselves to be cosmic adults, with a mature view towards the lives of millions and billions of people, yet continue down the path of utter extinction?

They call that being human?

UPDATE 2: The Great Barrier Reef, said to be the earth's largest single organism, may have had its right to life taken:
"If this ship was to break further apart, if there was another very significant oil spill, then we would not only see tonnes of oil into the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park but modelling shows it is likely to come up onto the beaches of Shoalwater Bay, which is a national park area."
(The Age). Get ready east coast of the United States.


  1. Some will consider this to be a terrorist attack on Australia because the ship was so far off course it does not make sense, and it ran aground at full speed.


  2. When corruption took down a county after that county tried to do proper environmental policy, neoCons blamed the environmentalists for what the neoCons had themselves done.

    The plunder barons know no shame.