Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Gaza Surf Club On Earth Day

These Palestinian youth are members of the Gaza Surf Club.

The powers that be pollute their world with war and other forms of human sewage, however, these surfers struggle hard to survive all the human garbage on Earth Day anyway, choosing to enjoy what is still available on the good Earth.

These surfers are the beneficiaries of an elderly Jewish fellow who did them well and left the garbage somewhere in the past:
Mr Paskowitz, who is Jewish himself, decided to personally hand deliver 15 new boards to Gaza in 2007.

But when he arrived at the Erez border crossing, the main Israeli checkpoint into Gaza, he was told by Israeli security officers he was not allowed to pass and the Gaza surfers were not permitted to cross the border to collect the boards.

"I said to the Israeli soldier 'I came half way around the world, 12,000 miles, to deliver these boards. Would you let an old Jew fail?'", says Mr Paskowitz.

"I said to the guy, these guys are 50ft away. Are you going to let them come through here and get these boards?"

Mr Paskowitz describes how he leant over and kissed the Israeli border guard before the soldier eventually allowed the Palestinian surfers to come and collect the boards.

And on the beaches of Gaza, those boards, now a little worse for wear, are still being used today.
(Gaza Surf Club). These surfers have felt the injustice of the MSM garbage as well, but try to get through that too:
"Palestinians are people like in any other country," says Mafouz Caberetti, the club's president.

"We love life. We like sport and surfing, but the problem is the media which portrays Palestinians as just terrorists and bad people but this is not true."
(ibid, emphasis added). One Dredd Blog blogger who is a surfer understands how society can misunderstand because once upon a time in the U.S. surfers were persona non grata in many places.

For no valid reason!

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  1. Surfers all over the world are generally more aware of the terrible pollution being done to the oceans than the general population tends to be.

    Check out Gyres...