Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Democracy School & Too-Big-To-Jail

Can you imagine the look on Dick Cheney's face if he were to wake up to read in an MSM newspaper that democracy had broken out in the United States, like it has in Argentina in terms of holding murderers guilty who were considered too big to jail?

This blog has pointed out several situations where other countries in the world are schooling us in the ways of democracy.

We have people in the U.S. who exhibit a banana republic mentality, mixed with contempt for traditional American values, who have been spouting off tortuous nonsense on the public airwaves for several years.

One wonders if the war colleges, where they indoctrinate the intellectual warmongers, ever teach the warmongers what it is they are "fightin' to purtek"?

In the next issue of the warmonger textbooks, perhaps MOMCOM could include the example of what happens to murderous thug types in real democracies:
Argentina's former military ruler Reynaldo Bignone has been sentenced to 25 years for human rights abuses committed almost three decades ago ...

Gen Bignone, 82, ordered abductions and torture while second in command of the country's largest torture centre between 1978 and 1979.
(BBC News, emphasis added). Wow, they must have good security because that is bold democracy.

That would be like trying Dick Cheney in the year 2030 in the United States (or perhaps Bush II ... whoever was "second in command") for torture.

I guess this case renews the meaning of The Department of Just Us, because only the wee people seem to be punished for real or imagined wrongdoing.


  1. Money and access buys power. Cheney has both in spades. Throw in family name like Bush and you're an untouchable. Obama has already signaled the fix is in by refusing to investigate Torture Gate, despite incontrovertible evidence. Besides, he knew he wanted to reserve the same priveleges for himself, so why in the world would he prosecute the guys who paved the way for him? Obama's all show and no go. Lot's of bluster for the cameras, more of the same (or worse) thereafter.

    The "Banana Republic" remark is directly on point. That's what formwer IMF economist Simon Johnson referred to the US as when discussing nations that exhibit the same economic symptoms as we currently are: crony capitalism, regulatory capture, out of control debt, refusal to recognize and deal with all of the above. Check, check, check, and check.

  2. disaffected,

    We have until 2030 to follow their example.

    In the near term play pretend will carry the day.

    Dick's Heart and the realm of mystery will bring him justice before the Department of Just Us does.