Friday, April 23, 2010

Mysto Army Anthrax Lab Shut Down - 2

One of the 9/11 events which the 9/11 Commission did not mention was the anthrax attacks that were code named Amerithrax by the FBI.

The FBI was not in its olden days stellar form on this case.

They got off on the wrong foot by indicating that a certain individual was suspect, without having a poker hand to back up the allegation.

They retracted their statements that had indicated suspicion of that individual, but were sued anyway, ending up paying millions of dollars for dragging an innocent person's name through the mud.

Then they tried to float the story that the accounting for anthrax usage within the laboratory was iron clad tight.

The accounting methods were so iron clad tight they said they were certain that one Bruce Ivins did it.

Shortly thereafter Ivins was found dead.

Without any autopsy the FBI declared he had died of an overdose of Tylenol.

Sometime after that hilarious assertion, the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) in Fort Detrick, Md. had to shut down:
As it turns out the lab is loosey goosey to the point it must be shut down until they find out what kind of WMD they really have in the place.
(Mysto Army Anthrax Lab Shut Down, see also WaPost). Once Ivins died the FBI got mavericky with the story, which took on a life of its own.

They seem to have been thinking that they were free from the negative image that was plaguing them because of the blunders in this case.

But they were only as free as puppy thinks it is as it runs full speed until it reaches the end of the leash.

One top scientist at the lab, who would have been a witness in any prosecution of Ivins, testified recently:
A former Army microbiologist who worked for years with Bruce E. Ivins, whom the F.B.I. has blamed for the anthrax letter attacks that killed five people in 2001, told a National Academy of Sciences panel on Thursday that he believed it was impossible that the deadly spores had been produced undetected in Dr. Ivins’s laboratory, as the F.B.I. asserts.

Asked by reporters after his testimony whether he believed that there was any chance that Dr. Ivins, who committed suicide in 2008, had carried out the attacks, the microbiologist, Henry S. Heine, replied, “Absolutely not.” At the Army’s biodefense laboratory in Maryland, where Dr. Ivins and Dr. Heine worked, he said, “among the senior scientists, no one believes it.”
Dr. Heine said he did not dispute that there was a genetic link between the spores in the letters and the anthrax in Dr. Ivins’s flask — a link that led the F.B.I. to conclude that Dr. Ivins had grown the spores from a sample taken from the flask. But samples from the flask were widely shared, Dr. Heine said. Accusing Dr. Ivins of the attacks, he said, was like tracing a murder to the clerk at the sporting goods shop who sold the bullets.

Whoever did this is still running around out there,” Dr. Heine said. “I truly believe that.”
(NY Times, 4/22/10, emphasis added). Prosecutors and defense lawyers out there know the FBI would have been defeated in a trial in a federal court if they had tried to prosecute Ivins.

None of the competent top scientists in the field who work there believe the FBI story, and you can add congress to the list of those not convinced of the FBI story:
“Simply stated, our government – and specifically, the FBI – suffers from a credibility gap on this issue”
(9/11 Conspiracy Theorists Take A Hit - 4). The gyrations the FBI has gone through in this case reeks of a cover up, because everyone knows that the 9/11 hijackers were cave men who are smarter than this:
(Wikipedia). Hey, get real, those cave men can fly complex commercial aircraft, so they would not have written such an obviously fake, feeble note in an attempt to blame Islamic Muslims for the anthrax as well as dropping The Three Towers would they?

Why are the Obama Administration, Homeland Security, and others using a bull-horn to proclaim the dangers of nuclear WMD "getting into the wrong hands"?

It is a clear and present danger that weapons grade biological WMD are much less hassle to obtain, transport, and disperse?

In the What Is Really Crazy post it is shown that there must be 50 ways that are easier than nuclear WMD.

So what is wrong with this nuclear focus all of a sudden, with no regard for the unsolved murders and attempted murders of congress members?

An official report has been released which criticizes the FBI version of the 9/11 script, which is good because it may be a reversal of the denial psychology which fosters SCAD.


  1. The FBI's own incompetence in the case actually serves them well, as it distracts attention from the idea of a possible coverup and makes it seem more likely to the majority of people who already hold this opinion that this is all merely a comedy of errors. It also fuels those who dismiss any conspiracy theory out of hand, who simply assert that the government is so grossly incompetent that they couldn't possibly pull off a conspiracy of this magnitude. I used to be one of those people, but no more. It now astounds me that anyone could possibly believe it was anything but a conspiracy. Osama bin Laden's alleged part in all this is purely fictional as well, as is the war to capture him. If the true story behind all of this ever comes out it'll be an all-time best seller.

  2. disaffected,

    The Holt bill in congress to "re-investigate" has some co-sponsors now.

    If it ever gets legs it may even look into some of the other 9/11 stuff since some of it is intertwined.

    "It also fuels those who dismiss any conspiracy theory out of hand, who simply assert that the government is so grossly incompetent that they couldn't possibly pull off a conspiracy of this magnitude"

    Which is perfect cover for a tight knit rogue element to use.

    Pull it off in such a way to make it look like it would need thousands, when it would only need a tight knit rogue group hardened by years of experience and rogue ideology.

    They think they know what is best for the nation & the world and are willing to die for those beliefs.

    Zealots, always a few zealots can be found to do anything.