Friday, December 4, 2009

Some Dementia Is Contagious

Canada is catching it.
There are posts on this blog that attempt to use various analogies, symbols, allegories, and the like to point out that nations behave like individuals sometimes.

Yes, as Freud said, nations behave like individuals in some cases, even to the point of appearing to be temporarily outside the parameters of sanity, and at times clearly infected with neurosis.

To take it a bit further, let's consider whether or not some forms of dementia are contagious.

This contemplation is offered in the sense that "a person is known by the company that person keeps", but more than that, I found sources which declare outright that dementia is contagious:
The latest research performed in Montreal at McGill University reported that if depression is not treated then it could lead to dementia or insanity. It means that your loved one can pass the disease to you.
(Seniors, [Wayback Machine Copy] see also The Article Box). Which is another way of saying memes hang with like memes, and memes comprise sanity as well as insanity.

Canada has evidently become infected with the dirty energy meme in a magnitude that would make Exxon proud:
The people around the world who have considered Canada to be one of the beacons, one of the sources of environmental sanity, one of the places to always be a solid hope for the future of humanity, now fear that Canada has fallen into the abyss of human error.
(Ecocosmology Blog). The oil barons of the U.S. going around religiously proclaiming "Oilah Akbar! Oilah Akbar!" while infecting millions, have now infected the Canadian government. Canada is now against Kyoto and Copenhagen.

The world has gone crazy several times before and can do so again if enough people fail to resist the memes of insanity.



  1. NEVER deface another countries flag. Moron!

    The US has done more damage to the climate and everything else it touches than any other country in history. So shut the f**k up and get some facts.

  2. John,

    No offence intended toward Canadians. I intended to indicate that the problem is the big oil business steering government in what I think is the wrong direction. Then that government misleads another government, so a trend in the wrong direction begins, which most Americans and most Canadians really don't want.

    Ok is that better?

  3. I am Canadian and I agree with this post whole-heartedly. We have done a complete u-turn since Harper and his far-right wing government has taken power. I grieve our loss.