Monday, November 30, 2009

Iraq War, Like GITMO, Is Not Over

Remember that war to rid the world of WMD, to rid the world of Al Queda Sadaam, and to bring the purple finger of democracy to those thirsting for its refreshing essences?

The one that only took 90 days and was paid for by Iraqi oil?

The one where the large "Mission Accomplished" banner waived in the breezes of propaganda some 30 days after the invasion?

Guess what, I like the way this man puts it:
As Obama considers adding yet more troops to the near-decade-long occupation of Afghanistan, Iraq cannot muster sufficient political consensus to organize the elections critical to the departure of 120,000 US troops. The Beltway consensus that Iraq has already been a victory was always more about the Beltway than Iraq, and more about sustaining neo-imperial morale rather than confronting reality. The Beltway doesn't do reality very well. They prefer Palin and "bending the cost curve" and "exit-ramps" and "optics".
(The Atlantic, Andrew Sullivan). It still doesn't work to invade sovereign nations, kill hundreds of thousands of men, women, and children, run a million out of their own homes to another strange land.

Even if you then color their fingers purple and say "Isn't that better now?"

It still does not work and it never did nor ever will work. It is a crazed fantasy.

The saying in the mideast now, which is a curse, is "may Bush II of America bring democracy to your country".

It is the equivalent to saying "may the south end of a north bound camel breathe upon you my son".

The surge of the failure of the MSM to cover the ongoing Iraq war and its crippling costs to the U.S. economy does not change the picture.

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