Friday, December 4, 2009

Obama Situation Ethics For Fewer Jobs

Question: President Obama said in a news conference, concerning the jobs summit to fix 10-17% unemployment, that the reason for fewer jobs is that when he was inaugurated there was "less money coming in than there was going out".

So he had to spend trillions of dollars on the "poor" banks, spend $30-$50 billion a year or more to escalate another war that is only profiting the "poor" warmongers, then tell the poor people in New Orleans, who are suffering due to insufficient government help to this day , "I wish I could write a check", then go to a dinner to raise money for rich politicians where the menu only had items on it that would cost you $34,000 to sit down and eat?

Answer: The government is not of the people, not for the people. It is becoming increasingly that way, and we have no choice or hope of another politician who will do anything but be a puppet of those who would plunder the people until millions lose homes, jobs, savings, health, to become like those living in a third world banana republic.

The right wing plunder barons are becoming more and more happy with Obama as the middle class and poor are becoming shocked at the utter incompetence of the government to govern for the people any more.

The new age kingdom is upon us where democracy and concern for the people is feigned, but in reality behind the scenes, the new kings are the military oil complex of warmongering plunder barons.

Will the people rise up and figure a way to throw off the illegitimate oppressors and illegitimate plunder barons?

Maybe, maybe not.

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