Friday, October 30, 2009

Army "Intelligence" Watching The Tubes

The post about the CIA yesterday generated more visits from USAISC, HQ, and other Pentagon subordinates than usual.

Like the photo to the left, all we can see are their boot tracks, we cannot see who they are or why they came; but here are two different times and locations:
16:43:05 (4:43 PM) from Lawton, OK ( [Newsweek 1]

17:23:25 (5:23 PM) from Lawton, OK ( [Newsweek 2]
The dot quad IP address is not the same for the two visitors, nor were the Newsweek pages Dredd had made comments on the same Newsweek pages (the location the soldier spies came to Dredd Blog from).

What was the same was the Dredd Blog post here that caught their eye, the post about the CIA linked to above.

Thus, it is possible that different soldiers watch different Newsweek correspondents.

In light of that, it seemed appropriate to inform you of some of the unclassified operations (ops) that they are involved in.

There are indications that the military is again spying on anyone they think advocates peace:
CIFA's similar collection and retention of data on peace groups and other activists has promoted parallels to be drawn between the two programs by civil rights groups like the ACLU, and intelligence officials who find the prospect of the military tracking peace groups again to be worrisome.

After ACLU filed multiple Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests regarding information gathering on peace groups and NBC did a report citing a Quaker group planning an anti-enlistment action that was listed as a "threat", a review of CIFA activities was ordered by then Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence Stephen A. Cambone, who stated at the time that it appeared that there had been several violations.
(Wikipedia, emphasis added). Some of the paranoid types in the military who would allow their minds to consider "anti-enlistment action" to be a "threat", would certainly also allow their paranoid minds to consider Dredd Blog posts to be threats too. After all, they have even put U.S. Senators on the terrorist watch list haven't they?

Nevertheless, somebody has to be the free press, and that certainly is not going to be the military's media lackeys who are bought and paid for by the Pentagon.

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