Monday, October 26, 2009

Government A La Carte

When politics and government are a la carte the people can only select, choose, or vote for what someone else puts on the menu.

The frustration, anger, and disillusionment comes when all the items taste bad and are not good for you either.

Compare our debate about bailout for crappy rich criminal banks and the debate taking place in Kuwait concerning bailouts.

In Kuwait the debate is about bailing out every consumer, not about bailing out the elite bankers who brought the problems on us in the first place:
Lawmakers in Kuwait, which is richer per capita than Germany, are demanding a government bailout of all consumer loans, reviving a power struggle that’s already shut down the assembly twice in 18 months.

At least half of the 50 elected lawmakers say they’ll back a plan for the government to buy all 6 billion dinars ($21 billion) of bank loans taken by Kuwaiti citizens to buy homes, cars, holidays and other purchases, write off interest payments and reschedule the rest. The government opposes the bailout. Parliament convenes on Oct. 27 after a four-month break.

“It’s my right as a citizen to enjoy the wealth and resources of my country,” said Essa al-Malki, a 32-year-old teacher of philosophy and psychology, who took out a 15-year 23,000 dinar loan in 2000 and supports the plan.
(Bloomberg). So are you really sure that we are the source of and the greatest exporters of ideas in the whole world?

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