Sunday, April 5, 2009

Open Thread

"It's yo thang ... do whacha wanna do ..."


  1. Can you come up with an insightful post on what happens when, in the face of unprecedented failure, no investigation taking place, and no one held responsible, conventional wisdom keeps praying day to day for confidence to return.

    Can you find us one or two examples of republican retardation, bumbling economists spouting how this fits any existing models.

    Feel free to draw from cinematographic tradition for approximate examples of precedents.

    'Cause no one is saying anything in the MSN. I keep thinking China will wake up soon and wash America over with her own casino/cathouse money.

    Tell us when you think the screws will be put on Cassano.

  2. Hi Dredd,

    Thanks for publishing my questions to Brad.

    I want to apologise for my nasty emails to you. You easily could have published them and made me look bad. You could have taken down the link to my weather mitigation/astroturfing blog. You didn't. You let me get the violent rant out of my system and let it go. You let a bad cycle of karma dissipate.

    I know I can be too wordy. I know I wasn't there for you too good at BradBlog. A lot of what you were posting went over my head. I now understand why you didn't publish all my stuff during our bad exchange. Sometimes even friends need to take a break from one another.

    Anyway, thanks for watching my back at DKos when I was NoMoreKosHate. It wasn't like you were even doing it for me personally. You were saying, stop attacking the messenger, look at that message.

    I don't know what's up with Brad not letting you back into BradBlog. Permanent bans are no good. I don't think he should have come over here and then not allow you back in there.

    Well, I don't recommend DKos for you. Maybe here and there to publicize your own place. I just learned of this MaryScott O'Connor. You may want to try posting at her place, MyLeftWing. I've made some posts there and am still plugging away at DaveFromQueens. I quit FSZ. Too much noise and hate. Otherwise, I'm kinda just regrouping, trying to relax more with blogging, try not to force it so much.

    I find it strange that Brad would even know about your place or of your posts wondering why Minnesota doesn't have two senators. I can only imagine that the Agent99/BigDan crowd is monitoring your place.

    You're a good guy.

  3. Anonymous,

    I will try.

    In the mean time remember that your analytical faculties are working quite well for you to have observed that reality.

    The post will have to do with "capacity" rather than "what is wrong with the sheeple".

    We are all human, I think, and we have only capacity (potential ability), not automatic ability.

    Some do not have the capacity to investigate 911 again to clear up some of the missed evidence, wrongly decided issues, and perjury that took place.

    This capacity weakens at times, and grows in strength at other times. It can be because of emotions, biases, fears, or a busy schedule.

    Some of the public and widespread issues, therefore, fall on the ears of a mass of people who have constantly changing ability (capacity) to take it in.

    I try to tailor and fashion my posts and articles with that in mind.

  4. socrates,

    I did not post BradF's reply to you which contained an email from you to him. So I understand the depth of your gratitude ;) ...

    Privacy is a good thang.

    Nor did I post his latest post to me because he was dishonest about the fact that he banned me from his site. I showed him he did not have his panties on when it comes to republican hacker security for his site. He did not have the capacity to deal with it at that time.

    We dealt with that Brad Blog movie in this Dredd Blog thread a while back.

    He tried to say he did not ban me but "a moderator" (Pat The Unmoderate) did it. He said I was upgraded from "banned" to "moderated".

    I don't ban people here but his post is bull and he publishes private email so that thread has ended, except it is open for him to apologize.

  5. Hi Dredd,

    I am blocked from posting comments on TPM because I once made an Obama joke (about the stimulus package he gives Michelle after a hard day in the Oval Office).

    Anyhow, a word of encouragement from me. U know who I am; I wrote a rambling post a couple days ago, about the gloom little ones like me experience these days.

    Put it this way: Obama is a perfect foil, as Clinton or Bush ever were. All of the same unprincipled patchwork.

  6. Anonymous (9:51 AM),

    I have read some really bad slander about myself on some blogs too ...

    Those comments were untrue.