Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Baghdad Bob

Everyone likes to make fun of Baghdad Bob.

He is an example of the comic form of propaganda gone bad.

But propaganda gone bad is not limited to any one nation, so we have an abundance of it here in the USA too.

President Obama has made a surprise visit to Baghdad today.

Shortly before leaving for Iraq, he had said:
"Moving the ship of state takes time," he told a group of students in Istanbul. He noted his long-standing opposition to the war, yet said, "Now that we're there," the U.S. troop withdrawal has to be done "in a careful enough way that we don't see a collapse into violence."
(Obama Visits Baghdad). After we destroyed that nation's infrastructure, killed or maimed millions, and made millions of others homeless when they had to flee into other lands like Syria and Jordan, we have to be careful about violence?

We have to be careful about leaving because there might be violence?

Oh, Baghdad Bob, sometimes your propaganda is no match for our propaganda.

You piker you.

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