Monday, April 6, 2009

The Mother Of All Shame Memos

We have been doing a series on America's Shame Memos, pointing out that we are waiting for the more volatile ones.

Evidently the advertised release of the final memos has caused all hell to break loose.

I am not sure if the memos have already been leaked, but here is what is shaping up behind the scenes.

The great Michael Isikoff had some revelations about it a few days ago which could be described as the Holy Hell memo story.

Daily Kos has a post today indicating a real internecine war is breaking out over the holy hell memos. Some reasons are proposed:
One thing is clear. Astute politicians must have judged that the disclosure of these torture memos may significantly change the stakes of politics. They fear that these memos will have a powerful effect on public opinion.

That, however, is another reason not to give into this form of political blackmail against Koh and Johnsen and release the memos immediately. Once these documents are released, it will be harder to keep out of government people who have condemned torture and illegality for a very long time.
(Daily Kos). Let me get this straight. Some of the republicans think that crime is a political football they can use as a negotiation tool?

That seems to me to be criminal thinking itself. Only a criminal holding hostages would be overcome with that kind of delusional thinking. They think they are in a flea market or something like that?

Keep an eye on the terror / torture memo stories, because they will reveal whether or not Obama will have to cave to the killer class.

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