Thursday, January 22, 2009

GOP Soft on Crime

It is a crime to torture.

Bush and Cheney did not know that.

They didn't know anything they didn't want to know and will never know anything they don't want to know. That is how it is with all psychotics.

The Attorney General nominee Holder is being pressured by senators in the GOP. They want him to NOT prosecute anyone who committed the crime of torture.

Torture is a special crime to the GOP senators.

The D.O.J. has been The Department of Just Us ... Isn't that special?

It is time to bring back America's Department of Justice.


  1. The GOP for some strange reason is the party that promotes torture, including torturing the earth to death with pollution, oil addiction, making the DOJ a political whip to harm opposing views, and weakening the US Constitution.

    They will become extinct at this rate.

  2. They are not playing fair in the Minnesota election. It was a paper ballot election, Franken was certified as the one with the most votes:

    Reid dismissed Coleman's legal challenge to the recount that left Franken with a now-certified 225-vote edge out of nearly three million ballots cast, saying "the numbers just aren't there, he should concede."

    Joker is Wild

  3. There is a saying "You can always tell a neoCon ... but you can't tell them much."

    They have their own world ... which is evaporating into the fog of history ... which is good.

    The old GOP was better. Much better. Vastly better.