Friday, January 23, 2009

"Big" Blogs

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  1. Like the big paper ballot election. The one in Minnesota between Franken and Coleman.

    Paper is big ... so it should be a big success ... not a big suck ...

    Really, for all you biggie fry insecure biggers ... big is not a substitute for intelligence, wisdom, kindness, humanity, and honesty.

  2. Good point Anon ... but did you notice that one of those blogs Dredd mentioned had BIG in it twice ??? !!!

    Double insecurity, double wierd, double insecure, or double bull?

    That blog must take a 48" x 48" screen to take in all of its magnificence.

  3. They sucker us into thinking that the big smalls are the true alternative. They email us, pat us on the head, offer us milk and cookies. But then it eventually dawns that the small fries to "succeed" from those roosts have already been pre-determined.

    Who do they think they are fooling? Are they simply just going after newbies and web surfers? I have been burned time and time again into placing faith in the huge, the bigs, the mediums, and the smalls.

    Now I see that there are only pockets of awareness. For all I know, Agent99 is Brett Kimberlin or his girlfriend. This BigDan, imho, is a plant. It's just a bit too convenient, this subgroup of netroots.

    I don't mind discussion of anything, as long as there is at least a good faith effort to be logical and play fair.

  4. Using the word "big" in US advertising, which is a spawn of psyops (psychological study and operations), is a practice designed toward a certain segment of the population.

    A fisherman knows that fish respond to certain lures (devices designed based on a knowledge of the habits and instinctual construct of the lure's target) and do not respond to certain other lures.

    The consumer public performs identically. One lure for this "fish" but a different "lure" for other "fish".