Thursday, January 22, 2009

Control Alt Delete

Look out.

Here comes the blue screen pink slips for 5,000 Microsoft employees. Yes, Bush and Company even got to Microsoft, home of the wealthiest man on earth.

The hangover from the drunken Bush brawl will last a long time.

And the mental drunks in that regime, that nightmare for America, and the cronies still in government who enabled it, will blame the doctors and nurses who are trying to revive America. And through propaganda they will try to minimize the Bush years of damage.

"Somebody else did it" is the new GOP mantra.

Republicans in the Congress, have you no shame?


  1. The Bush legacy will be with Microsoft for some time, according to a quote from the article you posted:

    Beyond the next six months, Ballmer added that he doesn't expect the technology sector to bounce back to recent highs. Instead, said he expects the stagnation to persist for a year or more, followed by slow growth.

    You did a heckuva job bushies ...

  2. This report says that GE is in trouble too. Gosh, bushie really was a powerful dom. Or dumb as the case may be.

  3. Ruh Roh ... Google loosing ground too ... oh bushies ... rush is so proud of you ... he hopes that America fails.

  4. It is a disgrace. Other nations know when their leaders are disgraced, as the majority in the US does, however, the leadership in other nations know too.

    They have the honour to resign.