Monday, October 3, 2022

Small Brains Considered - 8

Christophicus Mucosickus Eugenicus
Over at the place where they do not consider small brains, Janie has a piece involving "Why are so few sci­en­tists also wri­ters of fic­tion?"

The answer, Janie, is that in the politics of DNA and other science compartments, you are not allowed to do any thinking that equates your mysticism to the horrendous lies of politicians.

So, not only do commercial scientists not consider their fictitious writing to be fiction, neither do they consider their fictitious thinking to be fiction.

The video below, concerning an award to a scientist who gets it, focuses on the fictions of small brains considered scientists, but it is as "for real" as it gets, and is not fiction ("It's no wonder that truth is stranger than fiction. Fiction has to make sense." - Mark Twain).

Munroe (Nature's Drug Factories) at that same location accuses nature of being a drug peddler, then insults us with "For general audiences, science can often seem impenetrable to understand because of its inher­ent scale and complexity." 

Not really Munroe, it is you who has not bothered to discern the epigenetic roots of your misconception.

Your politics which you think is science is a result of having your nose too close to the grindstone that you can't see your "parents in science".

Like I wrote to Janie, the video below concerning an award to a scientist who gets it, will be considered fictional to small brains considered scientists.

But it is not fiction (Mad in America).

Meanwhile, Mechas and Roberto urge readers to believe "The earliest roots of science" is within their grasp as they ignore the more potent beginning of their own era of political science as pointed out in the politics of DNA in the video below.

And Christoph (he who bans critics), has a tasty dish of "There are strikingly different table manners among human cultures past and present when it comes to food ingestion", but ignores his ingestion of the politics of DNA (depicted in the video below).

Hey you guys, stop metaphorically writing "hey, look over there dummies at the shiny objects" and consider your brains ("We are 99.9% the same according to our DNA." National Human Genome Research Institute).

Just sayin' (Onion Freedom).

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The politics of DNA (appendix here):


  1. As in other contexts, the degree of politicization varies from scientist to scientist: "I suspect the existence of what I call the `John Mercer effect'. Mercer (1978) suggested that global warming from burning of fossil fuels could lead to disastrous disintegration of the West Antarctic ice sheet, with a sea level rise of several meters worldwide. This was during the era when global warming was beginning to get attention from the United States Department of Energy and other science agencies. I noticed that scientists who disputed Mercer, suggesting that his paper was alarmist, were treated as being more authoritative" (quoting Dr. James Hansen).

  2. Small brains (smaller) were made by lobotomy due to DNA politics (race science): link