Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Countries With Sea Level Change - 4

This is a post related to the TEACH hypothesis (The World According To Measurements - 23).

This post details thermal expansion volume and percentages of sea level change (SLC) going back as far as WOD and PSMSL records provide us with in situ measurements.

Additionally, there is a requirement for synchronization where the span of years used in those calculations begin with a year that both WOD and PSMSL use, and thus facilitate an exact comparison.

The previous appendix to a previous Dredd Blog post, concerning the TEACH subject matter, did not synchronize the years used because it was not designed for detailed comparisons like today's post is.

Today's appendix values (Appendix to Countries With Sea Level Change - 4) that relate to thermosteric volume changes have been calculated with the TEOS-10 toolkit using those aforementioned in situ WOD and PSMSL records developed by scientific research teams.

The purpose of this post is to closely compare SLC caused by ice sheet melt with thermosteric volume change caused by ocean heat content (In Search Of Ocean Heat, 2, 3, 4, 5).

It puts the exclamation mark on the statement "thermal expansion and contraction is not now and has not been a major cause of sea level change!"

It also shows that thermal expansion is real, albeit a minor percentage of SLC, all things considered.

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