Sunday, March 24, 2019

Countries With Sea Level Change - 3

Fig. 1 Greenland SLC "fingerprints"
I. Updated Appendices

The purpose of this post is to update the appendices so as to make them easier to read and use.

The links to the graphs are unchanged.

That is, only the links to the new data in the new appendices with data concerning the countries that experience sea level change have been updated so as to link to the new appendices.

Some of the updates are: a) HTML tables are used for tide gauge data rather than a long repetitive listing; b) each country has a summary section following the table of PSMSL tide gauge station records; c) the number of gigatons of ice it would take to raise sea levels to the level of that country's current sea level is estimated, and d) an estimate of how many additional millimeters of "ghost water" (water held by ice sheet gravity) would have been released as the ice melted (see video below).

II. Appendix Lists

Tide Gauge Data  Graphs
Countries: A - C A - C
Countries: D - G D - G
Countries: H - L H  -L
Countries: M - O M - O
Countries: P - T P - T
Countries: U - Y U - Y

III. Distances

The "distance" listed in the appendices is the distance from the latitude and longitude center of all the tide gauges in a country to the center of the ice sheet, glacier field, or ice cap listed.

IV. Global Totals

Instead of listing the global totals on one or more of the appendices, I am listing those totals here:
Global Totals:

Total rows of PSMSL in situ data analyzed: 49,603


Max-Min RLR: high: 7,483 (RLRmm); low: 6700.25 (RLRmm)
SLC Span: 782.75 (mm)

V. Closing Comments

There are a lot of non-intuitive things to learn when studying the tide gauge records from around the globe (see e.g. Build Your Own Sea Level Change Fingerprinting System - 4).

One of the best lessons we can learn from looking at those tide gauge records is that, like Newton, Woodward (1888) was spot on (Proof of Concept, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9; The Evolution and Migration of Sea Level Hinge Points, 2).

The video below points it out succinctly.

The previous post in this series is here.

Dr. Mitrovica video:

08:00 The use of global mean average has led us astray for 100 years.
15:20 Taking the average assumes the imaginary bathtub model.
16:30 It is completely wrong.
21:00 100m of SLF @ Greenland's coast when all ice sheet is gone.
26:40 The Dutch government did not understand the scenario.
28:40 When the ice sheet melts, all the water is distributed in 2 weeks.
29:30 It is error to say that SLF is due only to the land rising.


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