Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Here Come De Conservative Judges - 5

Alt-right Incorporated
In this series I have discussed the slow-moving coup in the remaining branch of government, the Judiciary.

The coup of the judiciary has been taking place for a decade or so.

We saw "the alt-right" take off their clothes to become quite "naked" (obvious) in the unprecedented Republican obstructionism events around the Obama appointment of the leading judge from the Federal Appellate Court for the District of Columbia to the U.S. Supreme Court (Judge Merrick Garland).

I mention the alt-right becoming obvious (or naked), because the coup (like the gerrymandering coup, the taking over of state legislatures, and governorships coups) have until now all been underground, well planned out, and executed surreptitiously.

As I wrote in a previous post:
"Here's the core constitutional fact: a progressive president and Congress now face a conservative judiciary, for the first time since 1937. Obama's ambitious agenda, if enacted, must go before federal courts—where judges can rewrite or strike down key provisions."
(Here Come De Conservative Judges, 2009 quoting Newsweek, emphasis added). In other words, not much was said of it back then because the "clothing" was still on.

That will change beginning in January of 2017, 80 years after the judiciary became more liberal in 1937 (the New Deal era).

To begin with, a critical Supreme Court Justice, and about a hundred federal judges need to be appointed (CBS News, WaPo, Newser).

That is twice what Obama started out with.

As I said in another series that looked at this ongoing judiciary coup:
This case is brought at a time when the scenario described by Col. Wilkerson (even before he knew of the election results) is "extremely dangerous" (see first video below !).

Add to that the intention of the Republican Party to load the Supreme Court with climate change deniers, and it adds up to an increased likelihood of a constitutional crisis in our near future.

Unless the W Direction is changed, The American Children will eventually lose this case in the alt-right supreme court, and who knows what else.
(The Authoritarianism of Climate Change - 2, emphasis in original). The courts are the final arbitrators of constitutional law, the interpreters of whether or not congressional legislation is constitutional, and soon to be another stronghold of the alt-right (Common Sense and Marbury v Madison).

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  1. "Outgoing Congress refused to confirm the most judges since 1952" link