Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The W Direction = The Perilous Path

Regular readers know that Dredd Blog has talked about the direction in which the USA has been going.

We noted that it is a heading which Dredd Blog has called "The W Direction".

We have blogged over and over, continually warning Obama not to continue down that Bush II war trodden path, urging instead a change to a proper direction, but to no avail.

We began by asking the president to remember that his election had been due to a rejection, by the people, of Bush II policies (What Was Rejected In The Election, 3/31/09).

That issue of direction was revisited, pointing out the results of the traditional Newsweek poll which asked the populace about how they felt about our national direction, to which only 26% said we were heading in the proper direction, 74% indicating we were headed in the Wrong direction (The Circle W Cowboys, 6/25/10).

Those policies actually define what we call The W Direction (Titanic Mistakes Using The W Compass, 9/23/10).

Eventually, Obama went so far to the "right" (wrong) that Dredd Blog was forced to hope that he would run as the Republican candidate, so a Democrat could run against him (Obama: The Republican Candidate in 2012? - 2, 4/27/11).

Likewise, the base of the democrats, as well as independents finally realized the W direction was a deep rut, so Obama polled downward sharply (Obama Polls Downward - 2, 8/24/11).

The situation was so "exciting" that Dick Cheney stopped bragging about how many people he ordered to be tortured, and instead began to call for Hillary Clinton to run against Obama in 2012.

That engendered the notion of peril in the White House, so Obama got a brand new bag.

All of a sudden Obama seemed to realize that our "united" direction, one he has whole heartedly adhered to, was in need of change:
President Barack Obama warned Monday that the United States is headed down a "perilous path" if its leaders cannot move quickly and responsibly to help people get back to work.
(Obama says Perilous Path). Actually we have been on that perilous path for several generations in some national policies, for over a decade in other national policies, and back and forth on yet others.

But who controls the direction, who actually steers the ship of state is the big question, because if Obama does not, if congress does not, then the public back and forth debate between the president and the congress never means anything real.

Who are the masters of The W Direction?

In several previous, recent posts on Dredd Blog we have addressed the issue squarely (There Our Flag Was Still, Wee The People, The Homeland: Big Brother Plutonomy, Security: Familyland, Fatherland, or Homeland?, In Loco Parentis & Parens Patriae).

The recent post that sums it up quite well is Myth Addiction Is Establishment's LSD, which concludes with a video of an exasperated Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski commenting, as it were, on The Perilous W Direction.

The gentleman in the following interview has this to say about the perilous path:
A global jobs war is coming, and there's no time to waste. Cities are crumbling for lack of good jobs. Nations are in revolt because their people can't get good jobs. The cities and countries that act first -- that focus everything they have on creating good jobs -- are the ones that will win.
(The Jobs War). And be sure to note what has changed from all those previous times they talk about when "we" came back.

The difference is that then there was no 1% - 99% plutonomy, but now there is.

That is a catastrophic difference.

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  1. Obama Inc. has directed its representative in the ongoing climate change talks to warn them that the USA will not agree to lowering green house gas emissions.