Monday, November 30, 2015

Paris Climate Change Conference Begins

"Let's Talk It Up"
They have been talking about climate change remedies for decades, as the CO2, temperatures, sea level, and pollution-making fossil fuel use continue to increase.

Even in the august Washington, D.C. (Fig. 1, Fig. 2).

They talk out of one side of their mouth, but do something else.

Dylan described quite well this sort of "speaking in tongues" while in a trance (Choose Your Trances Carefully), calling it a "pig circus" (Hurricane) as well as using "the circus is in town" (Desolation Row) as apt descriptions of some of the conditions around here (You Are Here).

When Obama returns he will face the brain dead crew (Saint Inhofe & Crew, Agnotology: The Surge - 14).

One social media site gathers words to explain the yuppie hopium user perspective:
On Nov. 30, more than 100 world leaders will gather in Paris in what many consider one of the last remaining attempts to squelch the growing scourge of climate change. They'll be joined by many of the planet's leading scientists, who for decades have urged countries to scale back the
Fig. 1
emission of greenhouse gases to stave off a slew of unprecedented consequences.

The meeting -- the 21st Conference of the Parties, or COP21 -- will feature talks from the leaders of the world's worst polluting countries, namely United States President Barack Obama, Russia's Vladimir Putin, China's Xi Jinping and India's Narendra Modi. Environmentalists hope officials will come away from the summit with a sweeping plan to curb emissions and increase investment in renewable energy without any negative economic impacts, because (good news!) climate action is a sound investment.
(What You Need To Know About The Paris Climate Summit, emphasis added). One has to strain themselves out of proportion to gather optimism from the plain historical facts.

Which is why I mention hopium.

Only 1.14% (about one percent) of global ice needs to melt in order to bring on only one of the many threats to civilization as we know it:
To spark our interest, and bind ourselves to a sober view of this phenomenon which is called "The Biggest Story in the World" (according to a worldwide circulation news source), first consider the following quote from the video below:
2:43 - "One meter [of SLR] would be a global catastrophic event, 3 meters would remap the world as we know it?"

2:50 - "Yes, absolutely."
(emphasis added). This allows us to focus our attention on 1m / 3ft. of SLR, because it would be "a global catastrophic event."

The delicacy of the issue can be seen ... by realizing that only 1.14% of the global ice volume needs to melt to get us there (3 ft ÷ 263.5 ft. = 0.011385 = 1.14%).

The overall invader needs to use only 1.14% of its forces to accomplish the invasion.
If a small portion of one glacier (the Totten Glacier) in East Antarctica melts, or otherwise slides into the sea, the same will happen:
"How little it will take can also easily be seen by a statement from a scientist who is studying those locations closely and regularly:
'One of them, Totten glacier, holds the equivalent of seven metres of global sea level.' [a lower estimate is "at least" 3.3 metres here]
(Dr. Rignot East Antarctica glaciers, cf. Totten Glacier Melting). The percentage of that one glacier which needs to melt to cause 3 ft. / 1 m. of SLR is: 1÷7 = 0.142857143 = 14.3%."
(Why Sea Level Rise May Be The Greatest Threat To Civilization). That is a slim margin, because the Totten Glacier is showing signs of decomposition (Nature).
The NEGIS [see here] is 16% of the entire GIS, JI is 8%, while KG & HG are at ~2% each.

These four entities make up 28% of the total ice in the GIS.

The entire GIS represents 21.49 ft. of SLR (Fig. 2), so 28% of that is (21.49 × .28) 6.02 feet.

Which means that only half of that amount (14%) is needed to reach "3 ft. / 1 m. of SLR."
(Why Sea Level Rise May Be The Greatest Threat To Civilization - 3). Other issues are a greater threat to the extinction of the human species, so I am only talking about the extinction of current civilization in this reference.

Human extinction has never happened yet, but civilizations have a long history of habitually doing the unthinkable:
Fig. 2
"In other words, a society does not ever die 'from natural causes', but always dies from suicide or murder --- and nearly always from the former, as this chapter has shown."
(A Study of History,  by Arnold J. Toynbee). The COP21 conferees represent civilization rather than representing the human species, so expect their footprints to eventually lead to the suicide and/or murder of civilization (mass ecocide this time).

That said, remember that current civilization is like no previous civilization (in the sense that it has the power to make human life extinct), and it seems bound and determined to do so:
While Pope Francis has expressed hope that world leaders meeting in Paris for discussions on confronting climate change will find solutions to the problem, he has also said the inaction on the issue up to now is approaching global suicide.

"Every year, the problems are more grave," the pontiff told the press Monday, adding that politicians have so far "done little" to address the situation.

Recounting a meeting he had participated in that focused on what kind of world we are leaving our children, the pope said someone there had asked: "But are you sure that there will be children of this generation?"

"We are at the limit," said Francis. "We are at the limit of a suicide, to say a strong word."
(Pope Francis: World Close To Suicide, emphasis added; cf. Civilization Is Now On Suicide Watch, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8).

"The Circus Is In Town" - Desolation Row, by Dylan (lyrics here)


  1. "They've got him in a trance." (link).

  2. If all this "suicidal" behavior by world industrialized countries is some kind of "globalist/Zionist" scheme to instigate the 2nd coming of Jesus to save the day, i think we can reasonably conclude that the powers that be are clearly insane.

    If climate change, due to CO2 (and now CH4) pollution, doesn't kill us all, the coming (nuclear) WWIII will.

    Mayr was correct when he said that intelligence is a lethal mutation for humanity.


    1. Tom,

      The Jews (a.k.a. "globalist/Zionists" to some in the pig circus) are looking for the 1st coming, not the second.

      All the civilizations had the same problem, i.e., being lost in space (You Are Here).

    2. Tom,

      "They're selling postcards of the hanging."

  3. The Pope makes more sense than the republicans, who have said:

    "Brace yourselves.

    Donald "It's Cold Outside" Trump

    "It’s snowing & freezing in NYC. What the hell ever happened to global warming?" -- March 2013
    “I believe in clean air. Immaculate air. But I don't believe in climate change." -- Sept. 2015
    "It's really cold outside, they are calling it a major freeze, weeks ahead of normal. Man, we could use a big fat dose of global warming!" -- October 2015

    Ben "This Always Happens" Carson

    “There’s always going to be either cooling or warming going on. As far as I’m concerned, that’s irrelevant. What is relevant is that we have an obligation and a responsibility to protect our environment." -- November 2014

    "Of course there's climate change. Any point in time, temperatures are going up or temperatures are going down. Of course that's happening. When that stops happening, that's when we're in big trouble." -- September 2015

    Marco "Oh, But The Jobs" Rubio

    “We are not going to destroy our economy, make America a harder place to create jobs, in order to pursue a policy that will do nothing, nothing to change our climate, to change our weather." --
    September 2015
    "America is not a planet." -- September 2015

    Ted "You Climate Blasphemers, You" Cruz

    “If you look at satellite data for the last 18 years, there’s been zero recorded warming. The satellite says it ain’t happening.” -- August 2015

    “Climate change is not science. It's religion." -- October 2015

    Jeb "Well Maybe, But I'm A Republican" Bush

    "The climate is changing, whether men are doing it or not." -- June 2015
    “I don't think it's the highest priority. I don’t think we should ignore it, either." -- August 2015

    Carly "I Worked With Scientists And They're All Wrong" Fiorina

    "I believe if you're going to go to science, you need to read the fine print. And here's what the scientists say: A single nation acting alone can make no difference at all." -- September 2015

    “The only answer to this problem, according to the scientist, is a three-decade global effort, coordinated and costing coordinated effort. It's impossible, are you kidding? A three-decade effort, costing trillions of dollars, coordinated with current technology? It’ll never happen.” -- September 2015

    Mike "Um, Kaboom" Huckabee

    "Science is not as settled on that as it is on some things.” -- June 2015
    "A volcano in one blast will contribute more than a hundred years of human activity." -- August 2015

    Chris "Sure, But Nah" Christie

    "I think global warming is real. I don't think that's deniable. And I do think human activity contributes to it."* -- May 2015

    *But Christie has adamantly opposed New Jersey joining into a multi-state greenhouse gas initiative, calling it "a completely useless plan.” -- September 2014

    John "It's Your Kids' Problem" Kasich

    “We don’t want to destroy people’s jobs, based on some theory that is not proven.” -- August 2015

    "Do I believe there is something called climate change? I do. Do I think that human beings affect it? I do. How much? Not enough for me to go out and cost somebody their job." -- October 2015

    Rand "Doesn't Really Know" Paul

    "Not conclusive." -- April 2014
    "Not sure anybody exactly knows why." -- April 2014
    "Alarmist." -- April 2014
    "I don't want to shut down all forms of energy such that thousands and thousands of people lose jobs.” -- April 2015


    Galileo would flee to Italy if he lived today in Amurky.

  4. GOP-Led House Moves to Block Climate Rule (link)