Wednesday, December 2, 2015


(Pope Rap)
by Dredd & GiGi

Call a cosmic robosome
a dizzying molecular machine,
like life's ribosome.

Call the flower maker
in the fires of excitement

Call the Sky Factories
abiotic extraordinaire;
assembling stars and planets.

In the view of telescopes
we ride
without gravity.

Circles and orbits,
globes and rings,
again once again,

Love encircles,
to drown the despair;
wow again!

Simple to complex,
little to big to little;
darkness to breathtaking,

with sounds like heartstrings
that make us tremble,
bass notes and all.

Assembling likeness
with forces, plasmas and quanta,
until the third one charms.

Call a cosmic robozyme
a web
in a space
in infinity,
like life's ribozyme.

Call it ancient,
modern, young,
new or old,
it is still the same.

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