Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Extinction of Norfolk

Fig. 1 Norfolk, VA area
The Hague is a community near Norfolk, VA (What's In A Name).

The graphic at Fig. 1 was presented in the video of Retired Admiral Dr. David Titley.

It shows the number of hours The Hague has flooded over the years (the trend is obvious).

The tide gauge station that is still operative near that area is Sewells Point @ Hampton Roads, PSMSL Station #299 (Fig. 2).

The area abounds in ports, including a commercial sea port, naval port, and the like.
Fig. 2

The area is threatened with sea level rise (SLR) and IMO will become extinct in terms of being the area it once was.

Even with the very low acceleration rate shown in Fig. 2, it shows that the area is going to be inundated.

The 1m / 3ft. level of SLR, even at the slow acceleration rate, takes place about 2031, and 2m / 6ft. at about 2050.

Extinction is not just happening to the flora and fauna of the Earth, it is clearly taking place on the east coast of the U.S.A. too.

The video where Dr. Titley presented the graphic (Fig. 1) is at the bottom of the following post (The Extinction of Charleston).

I found a flaw in the software SLC model that is generating the graphs I have been using the past few posts or so.

It was not accelerating in about the first 10 years of the future projections, so, that is being fixed.

I will show the results in a few days.


  1. and, in other countries

    Climate Change: Mekong Delta heads for troubled waters


    "The sea level rise is bringing up water so fast that our defences against it have failed," said Ky Quang Vinh, director of the Climate Change Coordination Office, a government agency in Vietnam's Can Tho, the most populous city in Mekong.

    "We've stopped growing mangrove trees on the coast because they only grow if the sea level rise stays below 1.6mm (0.06in) a year, and our work shows that in Vietnam it's going up by 5mm (0.2in)."

    "Several of our sea dykes have collapsed too."


    1. Tom,

      The difference between that far eastern government and the "dark-syde" of "the U.S. government" illustrates the dynamics of the Cultural Amygdala hypothesis (Comparing a Group-Mind Trance to a Cultural Amygdala, Hypothesis: The Cultural Amygdala, 2, 3, 4).

      The counterpart to Ky Quang Vinh is Murko Von Mudio (Marco Rubio’s Ideas About Climate and Energy Are Terrifyingly Stupid).

      One interesting point in that link, Tom, is that even with the caterpillar numerology (mm) severe damage is being done.

      Guess what happens when the major league numerology (m) season begins.