Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Extinction of Boston

Fig. 1
Regular commenter Randy recently made a comment we all thought was relevant and valid.

Since current civilization's string pullers do not have much, if any, respect for the natural world, why not focus the reality of extinction on members of Petroleum Civilization (a.k.a. Industrial Civilization)?

So, in that light, I have been doing an "extinction of" series (The Extinction of Philadelphia, The Extinction of Washington, D.C., The Extinction of Robust Sea Ports).

Fig. 2
Today's graphs depict the fate of Boston, MA, in the context of 5 acceleration models.

We can't know which one is the most accurate, but all of them contain the actual recorded history of sea level change (SLC) at Boston, then that historical reality is followed by a computed projection up to the year 2100.

Fig. 3
A red dot appears at the junction of the past (up to Dec. 2014) and the future (2015 - 2099 - we don't have the complete 2015 just yet).

In either of the 5 acceleration rate cases (7, 10, 15, 20, or 25), the sea level rise (SLR) is going to make those east coast sea ports extinct in this century.

Since the SLC rates are different at different city/sea port locations, they will not
Fig. 4
become extinct at the same time (cf. Weekend Rebel Science Excursion - 44).

The problem of SLC on ports is the least understood and most problematic of those commonly discussed in the propaganda media, so, if you are interested you can read the accounts of the insurmountable problems that exist in this context on the Dredd Blog Series Posts page @ SEA LEVEL CHANGE (Sea Ports ... "its the economy sea ports stupid").

Fig. 5
The only thing that could have been done years ago was not done.

In fact, instead of doing what needed to be done, the necessary requirement was deceptively covered up with deliberate lies and distractions (The Criminally Insane Epoch Arises - 4).

Now, whether Oil-Qaeda is prosecuted or not, the extinction of Boston looms on the relatively near horizon (You Are Here - 5).

(Ex-Admiral) Dr. Titley struggles with what he sees in reality, or with what too many others do not see (IMO).

His habitual positive attitude seems to be waning, like General Wesley Clark (Another One Bites The Dust).

General Clark is a man who Dr. Titley reminds me of.

Read between the lines:


  1. You're forgetting the wonders of disaster capitalism. To the plutocratic psychopaths who own our planet the loss of the seaports, while regrettable, also represents an opportunity for the capitalist scum who own the land on higher ground. In other words, they'll still be in control, and that's all that matters to them.

    1. Quite an ignorant statement.

    2. Gloucon X,

      You obviously have no clue what will happen when international intercourse shuts down, thereby favoring nations that produce their own commodities, etc. locally.

      No clue that currently 95% of international trade, from food, clothing, vehicles, etc., etc. flows through sea ports.

      The demise of sea ports shuts down the economy of current civilization, thereby forcing a residue "civilization."

      The social catastrophe of say 320,000,000 people in this country, and additional people in the other nations, who now rely on sea trade without knowing it, seems to be beyond your comprehension.

      All nations that substantially rely on sea ports will be impacted by the same SLC.

      That reality is obviously not in your thinking.

      So you wrote a really ignorant comment, espousing some lame perspective based on perhaps 5% of the relevant subject matter, that rich folks will simply go to another real estate company to buy more land somewhere else.

      That is really a dorky perspective.

      (The 1% May Face The Wrath of Sea Level Rise First, Why Sea Level Rise May Be The Greatest Threat To Civilization, 2, 3, 4, 5, Weekend Rebel Science Excursion - 44, etc. etc. etc.).

      Your best bet would be to study up on Agnotology (Agnotology: The Surge) then try to figure out where you are (You Are Here).

      Then explain it to the primate friends you mentioned.

  2. Here's some new research (based on models) that may impact some of this that we're hypothesizing:

    Abrupt Climate Change Can Occur Even Before a 2-Degree Rise in Warming

    [couple quotes]

    But the future is not an exact science. “Our results show that the different state-of-the-art models agree that abrupt changes are likely, but that predicting when and where they will occur remains very difficult,” said Professor Drijfhout. “Also, our results show that no safe limit exists and that many abrupt shifts already occur for global warming levels much lower than two degrees.”


    Yet another telltale aspect of climate change has already been addressed by Professor Drijfhout. It would be the sudden, paradoxical dramatic drop in temperatures in the North Atlantic, as a response to global warming and a collapse of the ocean current that carries warm surface water north, while denser, colder and increasingly more saline water in the Arctic sinks to the bottom and flows back southward. This “overturning circulation” has already seemed to weaken as the Arctic has warmed.

    In one of the team’s climate model simulations, the Atlantic circulation system keeps ticking over until about 2020. For another 20 years, sea and air temperatures vary wildly and the ocean current weakens much more swiftly. After about 2040, ice starts to form on the North Atlantic. By 2060, the circulation system has collapsed and the sea ice starts to spread.

    “Increase of sea ice in the whole Atlantic sector of the Arctic causes a temperature decrease of more than 4 °C in a 20°-wide latitude band (55°N-75°N), stretching from 60°W to 40°E”, the scientists say. South of 40°N and outside the Atlantic, global warming continues. Only a portion of oceans in northern Europe would see dramatic cooling.

    The researchers add that the models aren’t perfect: they don’t simulate some things that really could happen, and perhaps show signs of happening now. They conclude:
    “An additional concern is that the present generation of climate models still does not account for several mechanisms that could potentially give rise to abrupt change.


    1. Tom,

      I got a laugh out of that piece.

      "Climate change could arrive with startling speed."

      Yep, so fast that it arrived a century ago. (Like that back-to-the-future car that sped up into the past.)

      "and happened abruptly"

      A main meaning of "abrupt" is "unexpected."

      The fuzzy lack of logic in all these yuppy discussions declares "the future is not an exact science" ... thus "the future is an unexpected science."

      "The word 'abrupt' means 'sudden or unexpected' in any discipline of science" (Don't Believe In Abrupt Sea Level Change - Know About It).

      It is as if their definition of "abrupt" is "it hurts us" and "regular" climate change means "it hurts them."

      Dumb shits.

      Why not just say "we don't know how many angels can dance on the end of a needle, but we know that needles exist."

      It would make as much sense.

      The resisted reality in this yuppie puff is this: we do know the future, and we do know what is coming.

      The exercise is to realize who are the "we."

      If "they" don't know then they should STFU with this "we" abrupt cognition bullshit.

      Sometimes you know who is going to win a game in sports, chess, or poker, but you do not know what the exact score will be.

      Dosen't mean that the outcome is unfathomable just because the score is far more difficult to discern.

      In the game called "the future," in terms of SLC, civilization loses.


      No uncertainty, no abruptness, no score.

      Sudden, disastrous, deadly, dangerous, and final, yes.

      But not uncertain, not abrupt.

      More scripted propaganda in the form of "feel good a little while longer" pabulum flows from hopium laced pabulum every day.

  3. "If you stop the [sea-port] shipping, you stop the economy." Dr. David Titley (@40:45 in the video)

    (Even if you 1% murdering assholes go to another real estate office inland that has also gone down with the economy).