Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Extinction of Atlantic City

It will happen
Whether one uses the IPCC 5th Assessment conservative model, or the Hansen 2015 more catastrophic model, one thing is sure: east coast cities are doomed by sea level rise (SLR).

Today, I present the graphs for Atlantic City, NJ, which has kept tide gauge records since 1912.

I added a feature to the Dredd Blog SLR model to save readers from having to convert RLR meters into SLR meters by subtraction, etc., so you will see some of that today (Fig. 3, Fig. 4).

I get strange interaction with idiots from time to time, but readers and regular
Fig. 1 IPCC 5th Assessment
commenters do not see their comments because this blog is not a garbage dump like the air, oceans, and land is to current civilization, so I do not post such comments.

Such as "what you talkin' bad 'bout Amurka for boy, by sayin' our cities is gonna be
Fig. 2
hurt by liberal climmit change? Don;t you know ifin we pay off our debt and bring down the gummit there ain't gonna be no more of that thar climmit change!"

You know the story and have probably seen those troglodyte comments around "the innertubes."

Anyway, I am explaining the reality that flora and fauna are not the first things to
Fig. 3
become extinct, they will be around long after current civilization becomes extinct.

I am pointing out that the Sixth Mass Extinction, which is currently under way, part of which is sea level change (SLC), will be taking out coastal cities first well before all the flora and fauna is made extinct.

Fig. 4
Whether the IPCC or the Hansen model is used, their SLR values for "global average SLR" will actually be higher on the east coast.

Gravity, axial relocation, and rotational relocation have an impact on SLC, so the global averages do not point out sufficiently that the SLC is a threat to civilization itself, because, as Dr. Titley pointed out: "If you stop the [sea-port] shipping, you stop the economy" (The Extinction of Charleston).

The SLR is clearly going to take out the sea ports, no question, and the only valid question is when.

Both the conservative IPCC model (Government Climate Change Report - 6) and the more radical Hansen model (A Paper From Hansen et al. Is Now Open For Discussion) show that current sea ports are doomed.

IMO, that happens at the most within 85 years, and at the least within 15-20 years.

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  1. Not to mention a cat 4 heading for a large sea port and tourist spot in Mexico (link).