Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Mocking America - 4

What is your mission?
What does the passing of Rick Piltz who died recently (Rick Piltz Dies at 71) have to do with the co-founder of the Weather Channel?

John Coleman is  co-founder (pushed out) of the Weather Channel.

He appeared on Fox News recently to declare that global warming induced climate change is a hoax (Co-founder of The Weather Channel Is In Denial), which was quickly confirmed by Dr. Sarah Palin (Heartland Institute is their mentor now; The Exceptional American Denial), all of which was quickly debunked by The Weather Channel.

Dr. Palin is a well known scientific historian who from her front porch, while observing "Russia", discovered that Eugenics is being reborn by a conspiracy of 98% of the world's climate scientists (Agnotology: The Surge, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11).

But, let's continue with this:
Piltz revealed in 2005 that the Bush administration was revising supposedly scientific reports to cast doubt on the existence of human-caused climate change. He leaked copies of the edited documents to The New York Times, after resigning from his job as a senior associate for the U.S. government’s Global Change Research Office.

Piltz’s move not only drew attention to Bush’s intentional suppression of scientific fact, but also to the administration’s dubious hiring practices. Less than a week after the story was published, the official who made the edits, Philip A. Cooney, announced he would resign as chief of staff for the Council on Environmental Quality in the White House to return to his former role as a lobbyist for the petroleum industry [a.k.a. Oil-Qaeda].
(Bush Wars on Climate Truth, emphasis added). The mission of the right wing Oil-Qaeda group (Oil-Qaeda: The Indictment, 2, 3) is to continue global warming induced climate change until it destroys civilization (MOMCOM's Mass Suicide & Murder Pact, 2, 3, 4, 5).

They are ensconced in a trance of denial or they could not promote this unthinkable act.

A heinous criminal act not seen in any of the worst mass murder/suicide pacts of history (Comparing a Group-Mind Trance to a Cultural Amygdala).

These psychopaths of the epigovernment (Epigovernment: The New Model, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9) love to mock America by, among other things, denying the work of the American scientific community.

As has been shown in this series, one of the ways they do it through epigovernment infiltration of the media:
I sense a neoCon surge in the propagandasphere, remembering that Mittster Romney purchased The Weather Channel and Weather Underground:
On January 3, 2008, it was reported that The Weather Channel and its assets were put up for sale by Landmark Communications. On July 6, 2008, NBC Universal, Bain Capital and Blackstone Group agreed to purchase The Weather Channel from Landmark.
On July 2, 2012, The Weather Channel announced that it would acquire Weather Underground, which will become operated under its subsidiary The Weather Channel Companies, LLC.
(Wikipedia, The Weather Channel, Weather Underground, emphasis added). The neoCons are long term propagandists, and are making a power play to try to control information about the Global Climate System.
(On The Origin of Tornadoes). This is the activity of the real matrix we should be concerned with, not the science fiction one (The Matriarch of the Matrix, 2, 3).

The previous post in this series is here.

A 1958 video which shows we went into the catastrophe with our "eyes wide open."


  1. John Coleman reported the weather on KUSI tv here in San Diego. He was a weatherman — not a meteorologist. Aside from being a curmudgeon, I'm surprised that his lack of scientific credentials hasn't stopped him from being given national airtime to promote his dangerous and erroneous opinions.

    Whenever I see him to tv, it reminds me of Daniel Patrick Moynihan's saying: "Everyone is entitled to his own opinion but not his own facts." Somehow Mr. Coleman didn't get that message.

  2. Oil-Qaeda is watching you and I ... link