Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Will The Military Become The Police? - 6

"Let's not stoop to bowing ..."
Royal protocol confuses some folks.

Sloppy kisses are cool but that bowing stuff is pornographic according to the lovely wrong-wing right-wingers.

Foreign policy creep.

It does not matter how many goiim Israel kills, they have a right to murder.

Domestic policy seems to be the same in two particular American cultures, the police state culture and the 3/5ths minority culture who have descended from slaves as American victims of Americans.

The police state culture is given billions of dollars of military equipment so they can more efficiently kill those they are sworn to serve and protect.

"Somebody throw a lip-lock ... stop Obama's bowing!"
While their victims are supposed to bow down to them.

How pornographic is that?

The U.S. relationship with Oil-Qaeda is one more mystery in the world today.

Bush II protected those of them who are Saudi elite from their having participated in 9/11 (Fighting Terrorism For 200 Years - 4) while he murdered Iraq.

Then, Obama murdered Libya for their non-participation in 9/11 (MOMCOM And The Sins of Libya, 2).

Which has kept the propagandists and PR presstitutes busy teaching people how it does not matter if Saudi Arabian kings were involved (Orlov: It’s the Saudis, Stupid!).

You know, Saddam was not a king folks, so he is the one to hang.

This same mentality is converting America into a police / surveillance state that will sooner than later take control in broad daylight (Military Arms U.S. Police).

Everyone will be Michael Brown then ... at the funeral of America.

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Waiting on the World To Change, by John Mayer

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